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Jamie Foxx's Rep Debunks Claims He's Blind And Paralyzed Due To Covid Vaccine

Jamie Foxx's rep is putting rumors to bed regarding a recent story that claimed Jamie Foxx's illness was caused by the Covid 19 vaccine.

via JJ:

A.J. Benza, a podcaster, first spoke out with an unsubstantiated claim in an episode of Ask Dr. Drew with Dr. Drew Pinsky. Benza allegedly shared that Jamie’s recent medical event was due to the COVID-19 vaccine causing him to get a blood clot which led to a stroke.

Jamie’s rep has issued a statement in response to this claim and they are totally shutting it down. His rep told NBC this claim about the vaccine is “completely inaccurate.”

I just wish we knew what to believe at this point, because there's been too many conflicting reports.

All the mystery surrounding his illness isn't helping matters, especially since the latest report is that he's learning to walk again at one of the top physical rehab facilities in the country.

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