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Jayye Michael, Son Of SWV Singer Coco Shades Viral Clip Of Gay Man Slamming Flamboyant Gay Men

Singer and and model Jayye Michael, who is also the youngest son of SWV singer Coko is clapping back at a viral clip from the “Talk That Shhh Podcast” which addresses the claim that flamboyant gays “do too much.

via: Gaye Magazine

Jayye took to his official Twitter, “Why should us flamboyant feminine gays dial OURSELVES down to make y’all feel comfortable?”

He continued, “Yall get all the jobs, yall can say whatever without any consequences “ SHUTUP! If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t a bill JUST PASSED saying that businesses can deny employment to gay people? Are us gays not STILL fighting for our rights everyday?”

The conversation of men hiding their sexuality rings true for Jayye Michael as his mother Coko opened up in 2021 after being asked if it was hard for her to accept Jayye’s sexuality.

Coko responded, “It was not hard to accept my son’s sexuality at all. I‘m his mother so i already knew what it was and i was just waiting for him to figure out what it was. And when he came to me and told me i was like “‘You finally figured it out.'”

I wholeheartedly agree with Jayy. I love my fem queens, and I have to keep reminding these self hating queens that if it weren't for trans women and fem queens we wouldn't have gotten as far as we have in regards to queer rights in America.

So don't listen to these "pick me's" who don't love themselves enough to work through their internalized homophobia and childhood trauma.

If those so-called straight friends really accepted who you are as a gay man, then you wouldn't need to dim your own light in order to make other people feel comfortable around your flamboyant energy.

So fem queens, continue to unapologetically live out, loud and proud.

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