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Jeezy Calls BS On Claims Jeannie Mai Was Blindsided By Divorce

Jeezy is calling cap on allegations from estranged wife Jeannie Mai that she was blindsided by the rapper filing for divorce.

via: TMZ

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ Hip Hop that Jeannie Mai being blindsided by the divorce filing is absolutely false ... 'cause the clear signs of their uncoupling were long established and manifesting right before their eyes.

We're told the couple serially engaged in marriage counseling -- with multiple therapists -- before Jeezy came to the realization that the relationship was "irretrievably broken.”

No matter who the professional was, it seems like Jeezy walked away with the same answer. Clearly, it would appear he feels the writing was on the wall here ... and that Jeannie's suggestion this came out of nowhere is disingenuous.

Jeezy hasn't highlighted an exact reason for the split, but has maintained he felt it in his gut that it was best to walk away since filing for divorce back in September.

Jeannie spoke of strength and putting up a hardened exterior to Jennifer Hudson on Monday ... the same interview where she also spoke on allegedly being ambushed by Jeezy's court filing, which she says gutted her.

Remember, Jeannie has now suggested Jeezy might've cheated in their marriage in some form or fashion, which he also denies like the blindside. Just call him Michael Oher!!!

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