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Jennifer Lopez Denies She's Singing Whitney Houston Tribute At 2023 Grammys

Any time the words JLo and singing is equated into the conversation, there are always those naysayers who become quite critical of her vocal capabilities.

While she has gotten significantly better with her singing over the years (thanks to working with vocal coach Stevie Mackey), music fans were not having it when a tweet surfaced earlier this week claiming that JLo told TIME magazine that she would be covering some Whitney Houston classics at the 2023 Grammys.

The tweet has ignited quite the debate on all of my social medias (not to toot my own horn, but y'all should follow my Facebook and Instagram for the comments alone), and has gotten to the point where JLo's rep has had to step in and clear the air.

“There is no truth to this rumor and that interview did not happen,”Lauren Schwartz, a spokesperson for Jennifer, said before sharing that the actor-singer’s team is “looking into” the origin of the audio clip “but either way it is not related to any Grammy performance.”

The Associated Press performed an independent fact check on the tweet and found this story not to be true.

Also this morning I woke up to find the tweet that I posted above to have been flagged by the independent fact checkers to not be true.

So there you have it kids, there's no smoke here. On the other hand, I can see why people would be up in arms over this tweet.

Remember the uproar back in 2019 when she was selected out of the hundreds of black singers in the world to do a Motown tribute?

Even if this story turned out to be true (let's entertain that angle for a second), JLo would have to figure out how to cover Whitney's songs that fit her vocal range, because the biggest mistake I see with people when they cover other people's songs is that they try to recreate what's been done instead of making the song their own.

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