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Jennifer Lopez Dragged For Launching Alcohol Brand

Jennifer Lopez is setting the record straight after hopping on IG on July 4th to promote her new alcoholic spritzer Delola.

via: CNN

“I know that a lot of people have been talking about, ‘Oh she doesn’t even drink, what’s she doing with a cocktail?’” Lopez said in a video posted to her Instagram page on Monday, adding “To tell you the truth, that was true for a long time – I didn’t drink.”

Lopez went on to admit that things have changed, saying pictures of her “over the past ten, maybe fifteen years” have shown that “I do enjoy the occasional cocktail,” but when it came to finding the perfect boozy beverage, “I never found anything that I really love.”

“And so, like anything else in my life, I created it myself,” the Grammy nominee said, going on to share that her new cocktail spritzer brand Delola is a “healthier” way to drink that “fit(s) my lifestyle to drink the way that I would drink – the way Jennifer drinks.”

Another point of inspiration for the actor and singer’s cocktail brand was for it to embody her vacation fantasies.

“I always think about being on a boat somewhere for my birthday… or relaxing in some beautiful place in the south of Italy,” she said, calling to mind her famous “Jenny from the Block” music video. She explained that her goal with Delola was to create an aspirational vacation vibe with the flavors.

In 2018, Lopez told InStyle that in terms of self care, she maintains her youthful glow by abstaining from caffeine and alcohol, and getting lots of sleep. “I’ve taken care of myself, and now it shows,” she told the outlet.

It’s the reason why in April, when Lopez launched Delola, she faced some backlash on social media from users who were confused about her relationship with alcohol, especially given her husband Ben Affleck’s past struggles with alcohol addiction.

Lopez made it pretty clear in her video on Monday that she’s heard her followers, and reassured them by saying that when she does drink, she drinks “responsibly,” “to be social and have a nice time… but always responsibly.”

To put it plainly, she also said, “I don’t drink to get s–tfaced.”

I really don’t get what’s the issue. People were saying she was insensitive because her current husband has issues with alcohol.

First off, she’s not just a singer and actress. JLo is also a brand. Secondly, if she wants to create a low calorie alcoholic brand where you can be a social drinker without getting shit faced (which is how I now consume alcohol BTW), why is this an issue?

Plus if y’all feel she’s being insensitive to Ben, FYI she’s his wife, not his sober coach/sponsor. She can support his grown adult ass in other ways.

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