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Jennifer Lopez Seeks 'Revenge' On Ben Affleck: Targets His $150m Fortune

Once upon a time Jennifer Lopez sang that her love don't cost a thing. Well apparently it does when you're a scorned woman, because the triple threat is reportedly seeking financial retribution from Ben Affleck, targeting his $150 million fortune.

Jilted Jennifer Lopez is taking revenge on Ben Affleck where it hurts – his wallet, has exclusively learned.

The Love Don’t Cost a Thing songbird, 54, is singing a different tune and doing some big bill hunting after realizing she picked up most of the tab for Bennifer 2.0’s lavish A-list lifestyle.

Now she wants half of her almost-ex’s $150 million fortune, even though she’s worth a lot more – $400 million – sources told this outlet.

During their marriage, cheapskate Ben, 51, “always grumbled about spending money,” an insider spilled, so the driven diva ponied up to avoid having to listen to his complaining about her over-the-top spending.

“One of the little-known secrets is Jennifer paid for much of their marital expenses and now she feels he owes her,” the spy said. “She’s adding up all those private jet bills she puts on her plastic, the hotels and meals, clothes, coffee runs, gas. The high cost of living was done on her dime. She paid the lion’s share for that $60 million mansion they bought, too.

“Ben took so much money out of her, at least that’s what she’s saying.”

But the couple’s rumored split after only two years of marriage has opened J. Lo’s eyes to how much the Gone Girl star “mooched” off her and she’s out for recompense, according to our mole.

“She’s demanding a full inventory of what she spent versus what he spent and wants all the money back she ‘invested,’” squealed a source.

“She isn’t the one who gave up on their marriage and she’s feeling seriously burned and is out for blood,” huffed a snitch. “If he had stayed in the marriage like a good boy, she wouldn’t have minded.

“But he abandoned her and ultimately, Jennifer always gets payback and now she’s ready to play hardball.”

As reported, the rumors that Lopez plans to take half of Affleck’s $150 million fortune started shortly after the pop star spent her Fourth of July holiday alone in the Hamptons with the Argo actor nowhere in sight.

But while J Lo celebrated Independence Day solo, she and Affleck were both seen wearing their wedding bands amid reports that their marriage has been “over for months” and a divorce is imminent.

Flash forward to this weekend, and Lopez appeared to shade her almost-ex hubby by celebrating the anniversary of her 2021 song Cambia el Paso.

Lopez took to Instagram to on Sunday to share a clip from the popular track's music video.

“All she wanna do is just dance, dance, dance, dance,” Lopez sang in the clip.

“Happy Anniversary Cambia el Paso…," Lopez captioned the post published just days before her and Affleck’s two-year wedding anniversary on July 16.

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