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Jennifer Lopez Spotted Wearing Wedding Ring Again Amid Ben Affleck Separation Rumors

Jennifer Lopez is wearing her wedding ring again – after temporarily taking it off to promote her J.Lo Beauty line this week – amid rumors that she and Ben Affleck are heading toward divorce.

via: Complex

According to TMZ, Lopez wasn't just seen in her wedding ring in a JLo Beauty promotional video, but while shopping for flowers in New York City ahead of the 4th of July. Although Affleck, who she's been married to for two years, wasn't with her for either occasion, the wedding ring perhaps signaled that the couple have reconciled.

The move follows months of separation rumors, with Lopez and Affleck being seen in public individually, along with reports that Affleck moved into a new home. As TMZ previously reported, the couple are looking to sell their $60 million Beverly Hills mansion.

In May, Affleck concealed his wedding ring altogether with a blue sweatshirt while picking up his 12-year-old son, Samuel, from school. In the same week, the moment was followed by Lopez shutting down a reporter in Mexico who asked her to comment on divorce speculation amid the Atlas promotional tour. "You know better than that," Lopez responded.

Lopez's dating history is extensive, with her previous partners being Diddy, dancer and choreographer Casper Smart, former MLB player Alex Rodriguez and others. Having been married four times, Lopez poked fun at her romantic past in her musical film This Is Me... Now: A Love Story. Upon their 2021 reconcilation, Lopez and Affleck had been broken up for nearly two decades after originally being engaged in 2002.

I don't think it's a big deal if a celebrity takes their ring off when they're working on a project where they are playing a character, or are being filmed selling a product.

However I do feel that they are confusing fans with the ring flip flopping. Or maybe they're doing this because it keeps them on the tip of the tabloid tongues?

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