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Jess Hilarious Confirms She's Pregnant With Her Second Child

Congratulations to Jess Hilarious who is expecting her second bundle of joy.

via: Vibe

On Tuesday morning (Feb. 13), the comedian’s boyfriend called into The Breakfast Club. The man named Chris initially called in to wish her a happy birthday. However, as he continued praising his lady, he eventually let the cat out of the bag.

“Hey, baby. It’s your man. I wanted to call and say, ‘Happy birthday.’ I know it’s a special day for you. I can’t wait to see you. I’m so proud of you,” he can be heard saying. “I love that you’re staying divine all the time, and you’re such an amazing woman. I can’t wait to see you later, and I’m so excited for our little bundle of joy, babe.”

DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God were caught off guard. Jess then clarified what her man meant, saying, “Yes, I am pregnant.” She then elaborated on the big news, with a face beaming with excitement. “Yes I am three months [pregnant]. So I’m 13 weeks. Thank you baby, I love you!”

Charlamagne and Envy then proceeded to congratulate her again on her second child.

Charlamagne then took it a step further and gave Chris some advice. “You know what would be an amazing Valentine’s Day gift? An engagement ring.”

Chris then quickly rebutted, “Oh yeah, don’t worry,” to which Charlamagne responded, “Oh! Say less!”

Fans reacted in the comment section, praising Jess for her relationship with Chris. They also congratulated her on starting her dream job and finessing a “vacation” almost immediately. “Getting a new job and immediately telling them you bout to go on maternity leave is crazy!! [Lol],” one person typed. “Sounds like they KNEW she was pregnant but respected her privacy enough not to spill tea until SHE was READY!!!” one account observed, referring to Jess’ co-hosts. “Soon as your career start taking off a mf wanna get you pregnant,” someone else joked. “Congratulations.”

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