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Jessica Biel's Instagram Flooded With Negative JT Backlash After Britney Spears Memoir Release

Justin Timberlake's wife of 11 years actress Jessica Biel is feeling the wrath of Britney Spears fans on good ol' social media.

via: NY Post

With the Tuesday release of the pop star’s bombshell memoir, “The Woman in Me,” a multitude of revelations have come out about her relationship with the former *NSYNC member, 42.

Biel, 41, posted a birthday tribute video on Instagram for one of her friends, and fans have been coming at her in the comments section.

The “7th Heaven” star’s feed is now flooded with comments about her husband’s exploits with Spears, 41.

“Britney deserves and has every right to tell HER STORY,” an angry viewer wrote.

Another chimed in: “Sad you want to just dismiss someone’s past traumas.”

“Can Justin do us all a favor now and cry us a river?” one asked.

“Girl run. You deserve better. WAY BETTER,” a user suggested. “Your husband is [trash emoji].”

“How can you still be married to a man who destroyed [his] ex-girlfriend’s psychological well-being? As a woman, you should put yourself in her shoes and have a minimum of empathy,” penned another Britney fan.

Other users came to Biel’s defense, writing: “Omg stop attacking his wife!!! She didn’t do anything leave Jessica alone.”

“I feel bad for the hate you and JT are getting. It’s unnecessary. What happened was in the past & people need to move on,” another person added.

Since the book’s publication, the “Cry Me a River” singer turned off his own IG comments to help subside the trolls.

A source told Page Six that the “In Time” actor made the decision because of the “hateful, disgusting things people were saying” on his page.

Timberlake and Spears dated from 1999 until 2002. He married the “Valentine’s Day” actress in 2012 and they have two children together.

Spears revealed in her book how she had an abortion in 2000 because Timberlake allegedly did not want to be a father.

He also allegedly cheated on the “Crossroads” star with “another celebrity” during their relationship, and Spears confessed to having an affair with choreographer Wade Robson.

While I feel that it isn't fair for people to go at Jessica over a past relationship that has nothing to do with her, I don't like the fact that she fixed her mouth to say JT deserves to live in peace now that he's receiving backlash over the way he treated his ex.

All those years he had solo music success and lied all over Cry Me A River is where he got to have his peace. What he is experiencing is karma at it's finest, and facing accountability for his actions.

Britney does say in her book she still feels like he doesn't truly get how his words against her still affect her and the world's perception of her.

Britney is finally getting to tell her side of the story after being labeled the "harlot that broke the golden boy's heart" by the press. For decades people believed she was running around town being unfaithful, but he was the one getting caught up in his celebrity, sleeping with countless women while Britney remained loyal to him and their relationship.

The again, I can't be surprised that Jessica would defend a man who allegedly got a bit too cozy with actress Alicia Wainwright back in 2019 in New Orleans while they were filming the movie Palmer.

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