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Jill Scott Receives Backlash For Defending Chris Brown

Jill Scott getting dragged into the depths of hell for defending Chris Brown on social media wasn’t on our 2024 bingo card–but here we are.

via: Hot97

Jill Scott found herself in a sticky situation on Sunday (April 21). In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), she tried to commend Chris Brown for his talent. However, when a fan pointed out his past actions, including multiple allegations of abuse, the singer seemingly brushed the comments off.

The Philadelphia singer and actress claims Brown’s alleged victims aren’t (or shouldn’t be, at least) concerned with his life at this present moment. She went further and even shared a personal anecdote about her family, revealing that her father, while very abusive, was a talented craftsman, and her mother and she eventually got away. Scott seems to embrace the idea of “separating the artist from the art.”

That said, fans didn’t seem to agree and quickly responded to Scott’s posts. From memes and think pieces, the singer set social media ablaze.

“Now Miss Jill, I know you mfn lying,” one person commented. Another user slammed Scott for “praising a man with an elaborate history of abuse spanning a decade.” Someone else highlighted that the singer was “perpetuating the tradition of praising abusive men.”

Check out more responses below.

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