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Joe Budden Claims The Female Rap Wave Is Over After Cardi B Drops New Single

Joe Budden has delivered another controversial take. On his latest podcast episode, Joe proclaimed that the female rap wave is over in response to Cardi B's new song.

In a clip from an as-yet unreleased episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the Slaughterhouse MC shared his thoughts regarding the uptick in female rappers over the past few years.

“Y’all ain’t gonna want to hear it from me, but the girl rapper wave is over,” he said. “Just telling you what it is. I’m normally a few months ahead with this stuff, sometimes a few years ahead with this stuff. The girl rapper wave is finito.

“The cream rises to the top, so Latto shall remain; Flo Milli shall remain; Rapsody will always be there, but she wasn’t really a part of [that scene]. But all of that, ‘Go find a girl, send her to Columbia, get it done, put her in the studio with fucking Mike WiLL [Made-It] or any one of them n-ggas’ … all that planting the girl in the scene, getting the record and it taking off — that wave is over.”

He added: “I think labels are looking at it like, ‘Very few of y’all are selling records, it’s too much work to get your coin back, we got to go do brand deals all over the world with ya’ll, ya’ll are expensive, some of ya’ll are annoying,’ and none of these records are working.”

Watch the New Jersey rapper illustrate his point below:

Despite the above comments, Budden applauded Megan Thee Stallion for the success of “Hiss” last month, even though some of his podcast co-hosts had doubts about her and the track.

During an episode of his show in early February, the 43-year-old congratulated the Houston Hottie on topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj.

“A song with no hook, where you’re just firing at n-ggas and with that long speech in it, to go number one, that’s big,” he said. “You gotta give it to her.”

Though some of his teammates claimed that the song’s chart success was “manufactured,” they still gave Meg her props.

“I think it was machine play behind it to make that happen,” Lamar “Ice” Burney said, before adding: “But I don’t want to diminish it; it’s still an accomplishment.”

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