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Joe Budden Responds To Backlash Over Scrapped Tasha K Interview

Joe Budden is opening up to fans on why he scrapped his interview with Tasha K, with some believing he's not releasing it because of his friendship with Cardi B.

While on Clubhouse for Episode 6 of his Joe Budden After Hours show, the Slaughterhouse lyricist spoke about Tasha K and why he decided otherwise on releasing it.

“The girl’s work ethic is her work ethic,” he began. “And she has it. Can’t nobody take that away from her. I wanted to learn more about her. Clearly negligence on my part with that whole her, Cardi… they both seem to be entirely too passionate about whatever occurred for even a regular interview to go down.”

He added: “But that interview wasn’t coming out now because of Cardi. Like I already told her, that interview was a problem legally, financially, and algorithmically. It was a lot going on in that interview. It would be foolish of me to just put out an interview with the girl that just got sued and lost for $4 million without checking this.”

“All of this other shit just happened to happen while my lawyers was looking at this. Listen, you play with pigs, you get mud on you. I don’t have nothing to say. That’s just a very destructive type of energy. I wouldn’t have got that from her without meeting her. Like meeting her and hearing her story is like, oh, this is why you’re like this.

“This is why some. things are maybe hindering your progress. This is why there’s levels to this.”

Joe Budden was dragged by Tasha K on Instagram Live on Saturday (September 23) for his decision to not release the interview.

Tasha K began by saying she wanted to be interviewed by the former Slaughterhouse member during the promo run for her upcoming comedy show to support Black media — specifically, a platform that is “not afraid to allow the truth to come out, but still remain objective.”

“I now understand why nobody fucks with Joe,” Tasha K said. “Joe is all bark, but no bite. You said you was going to do this, but then when I hear, ‘Oh, he’s gotta comb through the interview, he’s gotta make sure this and make sure that.’ I bodied each and every one of those Black men to the point that all of them said after they were done, ‘We’re winos.’”

She continued: “I sat outside and I had a conversation with this Black man. I said, ‘You know what’s sad? Is that we cannot as Black media stick together for the betterment of the people.’ And he was like, ‘Black media will never do it.’ And now, he’s literally owning up to his own words.”

The Unwine with Tasha K star continued tearing into Joe Budden by saying his judgement is being clouded by “BBLs,” referencing Cardi’s cosmetically-enhanced buttocks, and bringing up his past domestic violence allegations.

Cardi B sued Tasha K back in 2019 for what she believed was a malicious smear campaign involving several false statements about her, including accusing her of having herpes, using a beer bottle as a sex toy when she was an exotic dancer, working as a prostitute and abusing cocaine.

Bardi was awarded more than $2.5 million in damages and another $1.3 million in legal fees when a jury sided with her last January. Per her Chapter 11 filing, though, Tasha lists having only $95 in her Chase Bank account

With all the mean-spirited things Trashy K does to other bloggers, and the lies she's spread about Cardi and other celebrities, why would you give her a platform?

Ts Madison gave her a platform on her former Fox Soul talk show, and when the debate around Jess Hilarious and her thoughts on women and periods came about, Trashy felt the need to assert herself into the conversation and spray Maddie with all kinds of transphobic comments.

So Trashy needs to stay on her channel and figure out how she's going to pay Cardi her $4 million in full.

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