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Joe Budden Says Frank Ocean Will Always Wear The Scammer Tag After Disastrous Coachella Performance

Is Frank Ocean the new Joanne the Scammer? According to Joe Budden he is.

via: Vibe

In the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast shared on Tuesday (April 25), Budden shared his candid opinion on Frank Ocean. The R&B singer became a trending topic after his debut headlining Coachella set received mixed reviews and he dropped out of the second weekend citing an injury.

“Frank Ocean is a scammer,” said the host. “He’s a scammer for the way he got out of his [Def Jam] Universal contract. I think most of the scams are genius. He’ll always wear the scammer tag for me. That f**ked up a lot of artists, he didn’t care. Lost a lot of artist revenue streams, took Apple out the game, he didn’t care.”

Budden continued to target the Blonde performer’s controversial Coachella moment saying, “I’d smack the sh*t out of you,” continuing “What the f**k are you talking about, you f**king idiot?! Everybody is here for your stupid a** who ain’t put out music in ages, and you can’t even confirm if there’s new music coming?! The arrogance of these ni**as, yo.”

The “Novacane” singer’s set during Coachella’s 2023 opening weekend was reportedly an hour late. He did, however, perform a 90-minute set including more than a dozen songs. Ocean also dedicated his show to his late brother, Ryan Breaux, who was killed in 2020 during a car accident at the age of 18.

According to a press statement, the 35-year-old was unable to return for the second performance due to an injury that occurred on festival grounds ahead of the first weekend. The singer’s injury was reportedly “due to two fractures and a sprain in his left leg,” and he advised by medical professionals not to take the stage.

Data collected by casino experts at Casino Alpha found that online searches for ‘Coachella refund’ increased by seven times the average volume in one day, a total of 697% worldwide, in the hours after the Channel Orange musician canceled his week two performance.

I just think Frank really just wants to make his music and that's it. His heart has never been into performing live, because if you've really watched him his live performances have been mediocre at best.

I also feel that this new generation of performers don't have the same work ethic of the artists I grew up watching, like Beyonce, P!nk, Madonna, Usher, etc. Gen Z-ers get a hang nail and they're canceling performances.

Watch The Joe Budden Podcast episode below.

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