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Jonathan Majors Accused of Abuse Spanning A Decade, Toxicity On Set

While Jonathan Majors is busy fighting allegations against his ex girlfriend, a new bombshell report courtesy of Rolling Stone reveals alleged abuse allegations spanning a decade, as well as violent behavior towards his ex girlfriends and toxicity behind the scenes on film sets.

Rolling Stone interviewed more than two dozen sources about Jonathan’s recent domestic assault charges and uncovered many more allegations pointing to the actor’s history of abusive behavior throughout previous relationships as well as during his time at Yale.

During this three-month investigation, Rolling Stone spoke with more than 40 people who have known Majors during his time in graduate school, his Hollywood career, and his romantic relationships. Many describe Majors as being a complicated, unpredictable, and sometimes violent man, who can switch from charming to cold in a flash. (All of the sources for this article requested anonymity, citing fear of career repercussions and personal retribution from Majors. Some claim they were prohibited from speaking. “My only response can be that I am silenced by an NDA he had me sign,” says one person who worked with Majors.)

Their stories suggest a pattern of alleged physical, mental, and emotional abuse that dates back a decade to Majors’ time at Yale’s David Geffen School of Drama — where he was involved in physical altercations — and continued to the sets of his movies and TV shows, where production members raised concerns over his treatment of crew.

“Jonathan Majors vehemently denies Rolling Stone’s false allegations that he physically, verbally, or emotionally abused anyone, let alone any of his past romantic partners,” Majors’ attorney, Dustin A. Pusch, wrote in a statement. “These allegations are based entirely on hearsay because neither of the romantic partners referenced were willing to engage with Rolling Stone for the article—demonstrating their outright falsity.” Pusch added that Majors “also denies any allegations of abuse, violence, or intimidation during his time at Yale.”

Most seriously, more than a dozen sources collectively claim to Rolling Stone that Majors allegedly abused two romantic partners — one physically, both of them emotionally. “It was pervasively known that he was [a good actor], and that he also would terrorize the people that he had dated,” one of those sources says.

Majors allegedly strangled one woman he was dating, and was mentally and emotionally abusive with her, nine of those sources claim. The second woman allegedly told friends that her relationship with Majors was “emotional torture.”

Those who are friends with the women or were present during their relationships with Majors independently corroborated details of the alleged abuse. Throughout conversations with Rolling Stone, they describe feeling alarmed by what they witnessed at the time or what they were told by the women.

Throughout conversations with more than a dozen sources, Rolling Stone has learned of two women Majors allegedly abused either physically and/or emotionally. (The two women declined to comment for this article, with one of the women, through a spokesperson, citing fear of retribution.)

One woman who dated Majors was strangled and physically and emotionally abused, nine sources familiar with their relationship claim. At first, the sources say, Majors was romantic with the woman before becoming more manipulative and volatile. The situation became “really extreme abuse, physically and mentally,” one source claims, and allegedly escalated to the point of “him strangling her.” Two sources claim she tried to leave multiple times and had an exit plan at one point, but remained in the relationship.

Majors emotionally abused a second woman he was dating, nine people familiar with their relationship allege. The woman said her relationship with Majors was “emotional torture,” according to one source. Though the woman told friends at the time Majors was never physically abusive with her, she said there were moments of “near violence” where he would “get filled with rage,” says the source the woman confided in. The woman told the source that Majors would say he “needed to hit something or punch a wall or something of that nature.”

“No one is surprised that this is coming out. It always felt like it was a matter of time because his behavior never changed”

Another source claims Majors was “controlling” with this partner, and a second source confirms Majors wanted the woman to be submissive to him, demanding he be in charge of everything from what they ate to who the partner could interact with. Multiple sources conveyed he exploited his power in the relationship to prevent her from leaving him. A third source alleges there was “intense jealousy” in their relationship. “She said on a few occasions that he wanted her to believe that he was the oxygen in the room [and] that she could not live without him,” the first source adds. And if she “considered leaving, that would be the most foolish thing she had ever done.”

As part of Majors’ legal team’s response to Rolling Stone’s request for comment on the abuse allegations, his attorneys sent six character witness statements from women who Majors had dated or was close with. Majors’ attorney noted in his statement that Rolling Stone “was provided statements from Mr. Majors’s actual past romantic partners attesting to his character and the falsity of the charges, but Rolling Stone purposefully ignored those facts and red flags and published the false charges anyway.”

In fact, Rolling Stone reached out to all six people. Three say they never gave Majors’ team permission to release such statements. Another woman declined to share the statement credited to her by Majors’ team, saying it was pre-written, not truthful, and that she had never approved of its release. (One did not respond to a request for comment.)

Only one woman consented to making her statement public. Haley Carter, a woman whom Majors dated from age 13 to 18, described Majors as “sweet, kind and gentle,” in a message drafted in late March. ”After 20 years of knowing him, I can tell you who Jonathan is. He did not do these things,” the statement said, in part. “He is exactly the opposite of what these allegations say. Jonathan is the most self-controlled, disciplined, well-mannered person I know. We all call him ‘the peacekeeper.’ He is not violent in any way.”

Earlier this week, Jonathan’s attorney released a statement suggesting that the accuser in his current criminal case has been arrested — however the New York Police Department has confirmed that the woman who has accused Jonathan of assault has not been arrested and that there are no current plans to arrest her.

While I'm sure Jonathan Majors is no saint, I can't take anything from RS seriously especially when they've come under fire over their ridiculous lists, most recently their list of "most inspiring LGBTQ songs." And don't get me started on their Best Singers Of All Time list.

So whether or not what he did in the past may or may not be true, let's focus on the now and not penalize someone for something they may or may not have done before fame took hold.

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