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Jonathan Majors Dropped By CAA Pre Arrest For Domestic Violence

It is being reported that actor Jonathan Majors was dropped by his reps at the Creative Arts Agency before he was arrested months ago on a domestic violence charge.

A recent article from Variety takes us inside the crisis at Marvel, where the studio is struggling to get it's footing after a disastrous Phase 4 (headlined by Bob Chapek before he was fired and Bob Iger was brought back to clean up the mess).

A few MCU films turned out to be box office disappointments including Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania amid a growing sense of “superhero fatigue.” After pumping out too many half-assed streaming shows on Disney+ such as Hawkeye, She Hulk, Secret Invasion and Moon Knight, to name a few, the studio is reportedly scrambling behind-the-scenes to restore its position as the must-see pop culture dynamo.

When the “Quantumania” actor was arrested in March, Disney executives insisted that they could afford to play a wait-and-see game, given that “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” wasn’t expected to begin shooting until early 2024. But then Majors was dropped in quick succession by his publicists and managers. (He remains a client at WME — the agency where he landed after CAA parted ways with him, pre-arrest, for his “brutal conduct” toward staff, says one source. CAA declined to comment.) In April, other alleged domestic violence victims of Majors began cooperating with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Then, ahead of a key hearing in October, media outlets including Variety obtained a court filing that referenced a police incident in London involving Majors that led his ex-girlfriend to seek medical attention. Making matters even stickier, the ex-girlfriend also worked on “Quantumania” as a movement coach, and the London incident took place while Majors was shooting Season 2 of “Loki.” On Oct. 25, a New York judge denied Majors’ motion to dismiss the case, which ensures that the actor will stand trial in late November. His legal team is attempting to keep some material in the case sealed.

A studio source notes that regardless of the actor’s legal issues, Marvel already had considered moving away from a Majors-led phase because of the box office performance of “Quantumania,” which will struggle to make a profit. “It gave people pause given that ‘Quantumania’ didn’t exactly land,” the source says. (On Oct. 27, Disney removed another Majors film, Searchlight’s “Magazine Dreams,” from the release calendar.)

Recasting Majors is also an option, as Feige did when he replaced Terrence Howard in “Iron Man 2” with Don Cheadle. In fact, Marvel isn’t afraid to change direction, even after making splashy announcements.

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