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Jonathan Majors Reportedly Marries Meagan Good

Ok, I need to see the receipts, because word on the street is that actor Jonathan Majors has tied the knot with actress Meagan Good.

Majors and Good may have taken their relationship to the next level, if a new swirling rumor on the Internet is to be trusted. The couple is believed to have been married, a month after the actor referred to his girlfriend as “the missus.”

The marriage speculation was reignited by popular Internet legal correspondent Dennis Byron’s tweet. On Monday, October 23, he simply posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, “Meagan Good-Majors, congrats!”

Dennis didn’t mention the occasion that spurred his congratulatory message, but that’s enough to start the talks about Jonathan and Meagan’s relationship status. Many were left in disbelief upon catching wind of the tweet that appeared to hint at the couple’s happy news.

“I know you lying…,” one person responded to the tweet. Another asked, “This is a typo – right?” A third demanded an explanation as writing, “Excuse me?” Someone remarked, “I really hope this is [cap],” while another reacted with a gif of Steve Carell’s Michael Scott on “The Office” shouting, “No! God please! No! No!”

A supportive fan did not hold back in congratulating the couple as writing, “Congratulations to Jonathan and Meagan.” Another speculated, “I bet she’s pregnant; I called it when they first got together,” while another said, “I’m happy for them both if this is true.”

Jonathan previously sparked marriage rumors after calling Meagan his “missus” at a public event. On September 23, they attended the Black and White Gala in Washington D.C., which the actress co-hosted with Larenz Tate.

Taking the mic, the “Think Like a Man” star shared her excitement to be at the event by saying that she loves how they “support each other,” noting that there were “so many beautiful black faces.” She then handed over the mic to her boyfriend who was standing next to her and said, “Babe, you want to say anything?”

Seemingly not prepared to deliver a speech, Jonathan took the mic as the crowd applauded only to say, “Y’all heard the missus, so that’s what it is.” Larenz, who stood next to Meagan on the other side, chuckled with the crowd as Meagan let out a sheepish smile.

Despite the choice of word the “Creed III” star used to refer to his girlfriend, a source close to the couple told PEOPLE that they were not married just yet. The informant said that the pair were still in the dating phase of their relationship at the time.

Until I see an official marriage licence leak from TMZ (since they always seem to get their grubby hands on everyone's legal documents) I'm filing this story under rumor.

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