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Joseline Hernandez Charged With Two New Felony Counts Of Battery Related To Big Lex Brawl

Reality TV troublemaker and wannabe pimp Joseline Hernandez has been slapped with two more felony charges from her backstage brawl at a Floyd Mayweather fight.

Per TMZ- Hernandez was in court Thursday for her arraignment when the judge dropped the bad news … prosecutors are charging her with two felony counts of battery on a law enforcement officer.Joseline stood before the judge stone-faced as he explained why she needed to be taken into custody again and booked on the new felony charges … check out the video, it sounds like she won’t be spending much of her day in jail.

I say lock Jeseline's messy ass up so that way she knows that the bad behavior that Zeus continues to pay her for on that trash ass reality show will not be tolerated in the real world.

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