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Justin Timberlake Confronted Wade Robson Over Britney Spears Affair While She Hosted SNL

According to reports, Justin Timberlake apparently channeled his inner alpha male, put on his big bro panties and confronted Wade Robson over his affair with Britney Spears while she hosted SNL.

via: Page Six

The *NSYNC singer joined the “Toxic” superstar at the NBC show’s famed 30 Rock studios in Manhattan back on Feb. 2, 2002, and proudly introduced his then-girlfriend.

But just days before, Timberlake had found a lengthy break-up note she had written to Robson, sources said.

One former production source told Page Six, “Britney was pulling double duty as a musical guest and host [on ‘SNL’]. Justin had found a letter which made it clear that the affair had been going on for months and that she and Wade had been sleeping together.

“He had been trying to get ahold of Wade and finally got him on the phone as Britney was in the middle of ‘SNL.’

“If you watch closely, you will see that he did not join Britney on stage at the end of the show when she thanked him.”

After the show ended, we’re told Spears, then 20, and Timberlake, 21 at the time, spent 40 minutes huddled in her dressing room before heading to the after-party they were hosting at Serafina. Their three-year romance ended just a month later.

In her new memoir, “The Woman in Me,” Spears confessed that she had cheated on Timberlake with Robson — after discovering her start boyfriend had cheated on her — and wrote they only kissed.

A rep for Spears had no comment on this.

“We were out one night and we went to a Spanish bar. We danced and danced. I made out with him that night,” the singer wrote of Robson.

Last week, singer-songwriter Annet Artani — who helped write the song “Everytime” with Spears in 2003 — told TMZ that Timberlake found a 14-page break-up letter from Spears to Robson, hinting that the affair was more serious than a kiss.

Timberlake, now married to Jessica Biel, joined Spears on stage at “SNL” back in 2002 as part of a joke with cast member Chris Kattan who was claiming that he was, in fact, Spears.

“I know how to settle this, Justin, can you come out here for a second?” Spears called out.

Timberlake walked on stage to screams from fans, telling Spears, “Listen I just want to say I had a really great time last night.”

“Justin, that was not me,” Spears replied.

“Kattan, you gotta stop doing that man!” Timberlake yelled, before introducing his girlfriend by saying, “Britney Spears is here!”

He then joked, “Baby, are you sure it wasn’t you?”

Spears and Timberlake, who were co-stars on “Mickey Mouse Club” as kids, began dating in 1999 before he broke up with the pop singer in March 2002 with a two-word text. As Page Six recently revealed, the message read, “It’s over.”

In her bombshell book, Spears also revealed that she had an abortion while with Timberlake after he told her he wasn’t ready for fatherhood.

Based on what we've read from The Woman In Me, JT is the last one to be upset over Britney cheating on him, especially since he was allegedly sticking his baby peen in every female with a pulse (background dancers, groupies, Nicole Appleton from All Saints).

Justin's gives me the type of personality where he can do whatever he wants to you in a relationship, and can do all the cheating. But if you give him a taste of his own medicine he can't take it.

I also feel this book finally vindicates Britney because for decades she's been looked at as the cheating whore who stepped out on America's golden boy, and instead of being honest and owning up to his own faults, he threw her under the bus by shaming her on national TV multiple times years after their break up (the same tactic he did with Janet and Nipplegate).

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