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Justin Timberlake Holding Free Concert At Oprheum Theater In Memphis Amid Music Comeback

Justin Timberlake is pulling all the stops to get fans hyped for his upcoming sixth solo album.

via: Variety

“Going home,” Timberlake captioned a set of Instagram photos announcing the show. The main image is a billboard with details on the “one night only” concert, though Timberlake also selected an old video of him as a kid touting Memphis as his home base, plus a photo of his itinerary which included “travel to Memphis Jan. 19 – Orpheum.”

The final video he shared is a seconds-long clip of an unreleased single. Not many details can be picked up from the teaser though Timbaland, Timberlake’s collaborator across five albums and two decades, recently told Variety that Timberlake is coming back with a new album that returns to the “fun Justin.”

“It’s like ‘FutureSex /LoveSounds’ but nothing too heavy,” Timbaland said. “Just giving you what you’d expect from us: not overthought, the lyrics are not so deep, it’s bob-your-head, dance-to-it music. Music is a young sport, and you have to keep it fun — fun and young. We’ve both seen a lot of life, but you can’t overthink it because of that, you have to bring out the 13-year-old, 18-year-old again, you know? If not, you can get into the old-fogey stage real quick.”

Timberlake hadn’t so much as confirmed a new record when Timbaland first spoke with Variety in April but the “Sexy Back” singer recently sparked speculation after deleting all posts on his Instagram. His profile picture was updated to a photo of him looking through a car’s rearview mirror.

Still, Timberlake has remained fairly active in other ventures including reuniting with *NSYNC last fall to record their first song in more than 20 years, the “Trolls Band Together” single “Better Place.” The promo for the record included a short press tour where the former bandmates appeared on the YouTube series “Hot Ones.”

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