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Justin Timberlake's Awkward Dancing Divides Fans

As we wind down from celebrating Juneteenth, urban pop music colonizer Justin Timberlake is dividing fans over his recent fancy on stage footwork.

The SexyBack singer recently appeared as a guest at Pharrell Williams' Something In The Water Festival in Washington DC, and sparked plenty of hilarious tweets and memes when he encouraged the audience to "beat your feet."

Check out a few of the hilarious tweets below...

He was giving more Justin Timberwolf than Timberlake, and I don't think because he's in his forties is a reason to make fun of his dancing. He and Beyoncé are around the same age and whenever she hits the stage she's sitting on ready. JT just looked out of shape.

Quiet as it's kept JT has always come across as a try hard. Yall are just now noticing what I've been saying for years.

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