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Kai Cenat Begs 50 Cent For A Role On Power

Kai Cenat is looking to follow in the footsteps of Method Man, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J Blige with a role on one of 50 Cent's many Power shows.

via: Complex

Kai wants to make a cameo in 50 Cent’s hit Starz series Power.

On Sunday, the hip-hop mogul called into the Twitch superstar’s live stream, which resulted in Kai asking Fif for a role in Power.

“Can I please get an episode of Power, bro?” Kai asked.

50 reminded Cenat that he needs to be able to “play the part.” “Well, we gotta work it out,” he replied. “Look, we gotta make sure you can play the part, though.”

“Yes I could, bro,” Kai maintained. “Whatever, gangsta part, whatever you need me to do. If I gotta knock a n***a off. N***a, I swear, I could do whatever you need me to do, bro.”

From there, Fif challenged Kai to prove his acting skills. “Look, look, look! It got to look as if shit was expensive,” he explained. “You gotta be dead-ass serious. I want to see you knock something off.”

It isn’t the first time Kai has expressed his desire to appear in Power.

Back in December, Cenat shed light on his first encounter with 50 at a Knicks game, before revealing that he wants to score a cameo in the Starz series.

“I wasn’t in the moment of time of thinking that you were right there in front of me, but I should’ve asked you, ‘Would you let me on Power, 50?’” Kai said at the time. “So I need everybody to get this video to 50.”

Stay your behind over there on Twitch. We don't need a bunch of annoying social media thugs trying to infiltrate spaces actual actors have spent years perfecting their craft.

We've seen musicians get that opportunity like Careesha, and we saw how well she proved to be an actress on BMF.

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