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Kandi & The Gang Canceled After One Season

It's been a pretty bad week for Miss Kandi.

First with the drama surrounding her and Xscape singer LaTocha Scott, her Old Lady Gang eatery being sued over a 2020 shooting that left a 14-year-old injured, and now comes word that her reality show Kandi & The Gang will not be moving forward at Bravo.

According to lovebscott, rumors have been swirling that the show has been on the chopping block as far back as September due to low ratings.

B Scott did reach out to Kandi, who didn't want to confirm if the rumors were true. However in the following statement below, you can pretty much read between the lines that the show is done.

“Honestly I’m not ready to give any statement. I really haven’t put my thoughts into words. I have not written a statement,” said Kandi. “All I can say is that I really love our show ‘Kandi And The Gang’ & everyone in it. I feel like it deserves a second season. People ask me about the show every day. There will be a lot of disappointed fans. I’m disappointed.”

But don't cry for Kandi. We all know when it comes to her business hustle, when one door closes five more open. She and her husband Todd are producers on the Broadway show The Piano Lesson, and she's currently filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I should also point out that she has a show featuring her Xscape group mates in the works at Bravo. Whether or not LaTocha will be part of the show is TBD.

Quiet as it's kept I didn't like Kandi & The Gang. I thought her staff were awful, and the old lady gang worked my root canal nerve.

Also with the pending OLG lawsuit, it might be wise not to bring any messy attention to the eatery via a reality show.

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