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It looks like the entertainment industry is finally holding Koonye West accountable for his series of out of pocket shenanigans.

Instagram or whatever they’re attempting to call themselves these days thought a 24 hour hold was doing “something,” but a 24 hour ban is basically a tap on the hand. But I digress.

Anyways, so the Grammys have decided to take a stand and have disinvited the professional internet ranter from performing aby of those horrid Donda cuts on their stage.

The ban is due to his “concerning online behavior,” the rep confirmed to Variety, while the Recording Academy and CBS did not immediately respond to comment requests.

His rep referenced a report in The Blast, claiming that Kanye’s team received a phone call Friday night (March 18) informing him he had been “unfortunately” removed from the lineup of performers for the show due to his “concerning online behavior.”

While Grammy reps haven’t responded to the topic of discussion, there are valid reasons for concern. Koonye is notorious for his public rants, whether it be on social media or at a public venue.

His behavior is unpredictable and while it may be great for ratings, I don’t think the Grammys want to be responsible for Kanye to get on stage and use their platform to continue to harass Kim and Pete.

In addition to his Grammy removal, there’s also a petition circulating to have him removed from Coachella as well.

As of this writing, the petition has racked up 17,720 out of 25,000 on

Now I don’t know if said signatures would get Coachella to chop him as a headliner, but I would think after he said he was planning to bring Travis Scott out on stage when he knows damn well what transpired at Travisworld, if they’re not chopping him from their venue knowing the victims families are still pissed at Travis, I don’t see Koonye getting removed from Coachella.

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