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Kanye West Defends White Lives Matter Shirt By Calling Black Lives Matter a Scam

After receiving some backlash from some folks over wearing a White Lives Matter t-shirt, Koonye West is justifying his actions by saying BLM is nothing more than a scam.

via Uproxx:

Kanye West is over in France at the moment, getting involved in this year’s Paris Fashion Week events. He made his runway debut in Balenciaga’s show, but more notably than that, he wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt to his YZY Season 9 show (and so did Candace Owens).

Ye’s fashion choice was criticized by folks like Jaden Smith and Van Lathan, and now Ye has offered a response, one that’s far from apologetic.

In a simple Instagram Story shared today (October 4), of white text on a black background, West wrote, “Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter was a scam. Now its over. You’re welcome.”

As for that aforementioned backlash, Jaden wrote, “I Had To Dip Lol,” presumably indicating he was at the show but left once he realized what West was wearing. In subsequent tweets, he added, “Black Lives Matter,” and, “We Demand A More Progressive Future.”

Lathan, meanwhile, wrote, “we don’t need a reminder of the worth of white lives. America is a shrine to the worth of white people. This message is reactionary to a message affirming Black lives, which have never been worth anything in America. In its intent, it’s a white supremacist notion, because it posits that we can’t have a conversation about the worth of Black people without having a conversation about the worth of white people, which is f*cking insane. The notion that it always has to be about white people in America is incredibly frustrating, emotionally draining, and the whole problem. But here’s Kanye, apparently centering that notion.”

Maybe the intentions of the people behind the BLM movement was a scam, since they were stealing money to front their lavish lifestyle. What we're not going to do is allow the Uncle Ruckus of hip hop to gaslight the black community and dismiss the injustices regarding people of color for white validation.

I just want to know when will people finally be done with this clown, because it seems to me that the only reason people continue to give him a pass is because by wearing his overexpensive ripped t-shirts, and plastic dinosaur shoes passing as Yeezy's, it gives you all a sense of social and financial status.

At some point if you don't stand for something as a human being, you'll fall for anything. And if you continue to support anything this man does with your money, to me it says that you agree with his shenanigans.

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