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Kanye West No Longer Moving Donda Academy To LA Church After 12k People Sign Petition

Koonye West had plans to move his unaccredited Christian school Donda Academy to an LA church, but the people have blocked his plans.

The controversial Heartless rapper became interested in leasing space at Cornerstone Christian Church in November 2022 after attending services at the place of worship.

According to Kanye, the church, located in LA’s San Fernando Valley, seemed like a suitable location for Donda Academy. The unaccredited private school was previously situated on a ranch in Simi Valley, California, and later moved to a warehouse-style campus in the same area.

According to Pastor Ronald Nagin, he had multiple face-to-face meetings with Kanye. He considered him a good person and friend, despite the rapper facing backlash and losing contracts over his anti-Semitic remarks.

However, plans to move the school to the church fell through, as The U.S. Sun’s exclusive source at Cornerstone Christian Church confirmed that Kanye is no longer leasing the space.

According to the source, the school has experienced a decline in enrollment, with numbers continuing to dwindle.

While many parents have been reluctant to discuss the school’s future amid reports of signing nondisclosure agreements, another close source to West has expressed his commitment to keeping Donda Academy open.

The school’s troubles extend beyond its relocation plans. Kanye West is facing legal challenges, with three lawsuits filed by former teachers and academy staff members.

One lawsuit, filed in April, alleged wrongful termination and highlights inadequate staffing, including the absence of custodial and medical personnel. Reports also surfaced regarding bullying at the school, as Kanye implemented unconventional rules, such as a ban on non-Yeezy or black clothing and the use of forks.

Another lawsuit filed last month against the school highlights sanitation and electrical issues during its time on the ranch. The plaintiff claimed that the septic tank overflowed multiple times, there was no hot water, and an electrical fire occurred at the school.

As previously reported, it was also alleged that Kanye’s preference for glassless windows and skylights resulted in exposure to the elements.

Isaiah Meadows filed the documents in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday against the infamous rapper.

“In the middle of the main classroom, a skylight was left without glass, inevitably allowing rain to fall directly inside, where water would soak into the floor, which would lead to a moldy smell for the next few days,” the docs read. “The skylight was intentionally without glass because WEST expressed that he did not like glass.”

Gregory Suhr, a lawyer representing West, refuted the allegations made by the former teachers and staff, stating that depictions of Donda Academy as a “dystopian institution designed to satisfy Ye’s idiosyncrasies” were false.

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