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Kanye West Slams Nicki Minaj For Refusing To Clear Verse On New Body

Now that Koonye is out here desperate for attention by dressing as Uncle Ruckus wearing a Klansman robe and hood, and going on rants about Jesus, Jay Z, Trump and Drake, the mentally unstable rapper and wannabe fashionista has also added Nicki Minaj to his hit list.

She emphasized her recent album release and the song’s three-year availability. Minaj previously described “New Body” as the “hit that got away.”

West didn’t take long to reply to Minaj, claiming that he supported her career and made her rewrite her verse in the song “Monster” three times.

West’s request to release his and Minaj’s long-anticipated collaboration “New Body” was swiftly shut down by the “Pink Friday” rapper. In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, West shared a screenshot of a text message he sent to Minaj seeking permission about the song’s release.

In response to the tweet, the “Super Bass” hitmaker took to Instagram Live, stating, “Chile, that train has left the station. OK? No disrespect in any way.”

She emphasized her recent album release, “Pink Friday 2,” and expressed no interest in putting out a song, leaked in 2019, that’s been available for three years, urging her followers to understand the situation.

“Why would I put out a song that has been out for three years? Come on, guys,” she added.

Following Minaj’s response to his request to clear “New Body,” West replied, claiming that he helped her career and made her rewrite her “Monster” verse three times.

He stated, “I made that girl rewrite her verse 3 times for ‘Monster.’ I supported her career. So I don’t know what it is.”

West, Minaj, and Ty Dolla $ign initially collaborated on “New Body” in 2018 for West’s unreleased album “Yandhi.” The song, celebrating plastic surgery, allegedly drew inspiration from the “I Wonder” rapper’s then-wife, Kim Kardashian, who helped facilitate Minaj’s feature on the album.

However, in 2019, West teased that the explicit song is being reworked for his gospel album, “Jesus Is King.” Unfortunately, the track was later abandoned after the “Anaconda” rapper revealed she had written three different verses for the song, and she and West were no longer “seeing eye to eye” due to their creative differences.

In 2020, the “New Body” leaked demo went viral on TikTok, prompting Minaj to ask West to release the song despite her initial resistance.

During an interview with Hot 106, the “Starship” rapper acknowledged “New Body’s” immense public appeal. She described it as the “biggest hit record that never came out.”

“Everybody knows that’s the hit that got away,” she added.

West did not respond publicly at the time, but recently, he unveiled plans to include the track, featuring Minaj’s verse, in his upcoming joint album with Ty Dolla $ign, titled “Vultures.” However, it remains to be determined if the song will be included in the “Vultures” album with Minaj’s opposition.

In a now-deleted X post, Minaj accused Billboard of planning to disqualify 100,000 sales from her new album “Pink Friday 2.”

She mentioned discussions about her “100 Barbz contest,” alleging that Billboard informed her about deducting sales due to the contest, where fans were required to purchase four copies each.

In the now-deleted post, she wrote, “been discussing my 100 Barbz contest for months.” She continued: “They said billboard reached out to say they gon take away sales for me telling y’all about the 100 Barbz thing. Can’t wait until these next 6 hours are up so I can tell y’all some s—.”

She hinted at the contrast in treatment between her contest and the cash app giveaways by other artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B for their song “WAP,” adding: “You can give out millions in cash app money tho. Lol. So Barbz, me asking you to show PROOF of something that was already DELIVERED OR PURCHASED IS AGAINST THE RULES. SO pls disregard. Apologies.”

At the time of writing, Billboard has not officially responded, and the next Billboard 200 chart results are expected on Sunday, potentially indicating if “Pink Friday 2” secures Minaj’s first chart-topping LP since 2012’s “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.”

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