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Kathy Hilton Says She Won't Return To RHOBH If Lisa Rinna And Erika Jayne Return

RHOBH fan favorite Kathy Hilton says she will not return for the upcoming 13th season if two out of the five problematic bitches of Beverly Hills Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne return next season.

“I had said that I would only be willing to come back if the cast [changed],” Hilton, 63 told TMZ in an interview published Friday.

“If it was completely the same, absolutely not,” she continued. “Because I feel they are two bullies that intimidate a lot of the other girls.”

The reality star, who joined “RHOBH” in 2021 as a “friend of” the cast, pointed out that “a couple” of the women on the show — likely referring to fan-favorites Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke — “speak up” against Rinna, 59, and Jayne, 51.

“But most of them, they’re not being their authentic self when they’re pushed up to the wall and they’re afraid of what those two bullies [will do],” Hilton said. “Because they’re capable of anything.”

Earlier this season, Rinna compared Hilton to “the devil” after a meltdown in Aspen.

During what Rinna described as a “psychotic break,” Hilton allegedly made disparaging remarks about her youngest sister, “Beverly Hills” OG Kyle Richards, including, “I have big deals over at NBC, everyone is protecting me and I will f–king ruin Kyle.”'

According to Rinna, Hilton also called Crystal Kung Minkoff and Stracke, 51, “pieces of s–t” who should be “f–king fired” from the Bravo reality show.

Jayne notably stood by Rinna’s side throughout the ordeal. Earlier this season, the “Pretty Mess” singer, 51 — whose ongoing legal and financial woes have been dissected on the show — memorably stated, “If we’re going to talk about Erika’s behavior, are we going to talk about everybody in this group?”

Addressing Richards, 53, in a separate scene, Jayne confirmed that she “wanted Kathy to be called out” for her alleged offenses.

“Those two are desperate for a storyline and they’ll throw anybody under the bus,” Hilton told TMZ of Rinna and Jayne, later adding, “How low can you go?”

Kathy confronts Rinna on the upcoming third installment of the “RHOBH” reunion, calling the latter the “biggest bully” in Hollywood.

The majority of Bravo fans have sided with Kathy in her feud with Rinna. This was evident in the loud cheers that Kathy received during BravoCon 2022 this past weekend, while Rinna was booed the second she stepped on stage for a cast panel moderated by Brad Goreski.

Despite her mounting discord with Rinna, Kathy told Page Six at the three-day event that she doesn’t “like to see anybody be humiliated like that.”

The Casa del Sol Tequila investor elaborated, “I know how I was feeling standing there with eight of these women when I was trying to do my tequila pitch and how I felt: mortified, humiliated, so I can’t imagine 5,000 people in a room, how that would feel.”

Kathy added, though, that it’s “nice” to have most of the Bravo fans on her side and “appreciates” the support.

“I have to say these fans are very passionate and they see every little thing,” she said before joking, “They know when I wore something three times.”

When asked if there is a chance for her to mend her friendship with Rinna, Kathy told us, “I don’t know. I don’t like having bad energy with people.”

I love you Kathy, but after watching the second part of the reunion, and seeing how Andy Cohen basically sided with the problematic cast members, while completely disregarding the feelings of Garcelle, Crystal and Sutton, Andy's definitely bringing Lisa and Erika back next season.

I just hope that if these ladies do come back, someone will bring up why Lisa won't talk about the rumors surrounding her husband allegedly cheating, what's going on with her daughters, if she has a pill addiction, and all that's going on in Erika's personal life.

I'm also think if Kathy doesn't return, the person who will be the most happy will be Kyle, so in her mind she can go back to being the queen bee.

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