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Kelly Clarkson's Ex Husband Ordered To Return Millions After He Overcharged Her As Manager

There seems to be more fallout from the marriage between Kelly Clarkson and ex-husbandger Brandon Blackstock.

TMZ is reporting that a labor commissioner has ruled Brandon had overcharged her by millions when he represented the singer and talk show host as her manager.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, a California labor commissioner ruled Brandon crossed the line as a manager when he booked gigs and inked deals for Kelly on “The Voice,” Norwegian Cruise Line, Wayfair, and as host of Billboard Music Awards. Aside from a few exceptions, only agents — not managers — can lawfully secure roles for talent.

Apparently, Brandon collects fees for booking the gigs, and the labor commissioner ordered Brandon to fork over those commissions to his former wife … totaling $2,641,374.

BTW … fun fact — Brandon scored $1.98 million for commissions from her role on “The Voice.” By contrast, he only got $93.30 in commission for Kelly hosting the Billboard Music Awards.

Brandon says he’ll appeal the ruling. One bright spot for him … Kelly also wanted the money Brandon got for scoring her the gig on her talk show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show.:” The labor commissioner begged to differ, so Brandon keeps whatever he got on that one.

This is so sad. The man you trusted that was your husband and confidant was robbing her blind. Glad Kelly got her closure, but unfortunately they will be forever connected because they have children.

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