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Kenya Moore Was Suspended, Then Fired After Investigation Determined She Violated the Code of Conduct

Veteran Atlanta reality star Kenya Moore won’t return to shooting the current 16th season of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” after allegedly sharing photographs of a fellow cast member performing sexual acts.

via: B Scott

Love B Scott previously reported that Kenya was fired and the door for her future return has been closed, and now they're clarifying exactly what led to the network giving the Bravolebrity her pink slip.

We’ll start with the gun threat allegations. Sources close to the situation tell us that Kenya did raise claims of an alleged gun threat made by newbie Brittany Eady before her hair spa event — but production investigated and couldn’t substantiate the claims.

There was no indication of Kenya refusing to film or taking some time off. In fact, our sources say “she continued to plan her hair spa event with no added precautions or additional concerns for her safety. “

Part of that planning included blowing up sexually compromising photos of Brittany to display for attendees.

“It was clear [Kenya] went through great lengths to antagonize her,” another source tells us. “Those photos aren’t easily accessible on the internet…otherwise they’d be circulating right now. She not only got [the photos] from somewhere, but also got posters made. That’s not something you would do to someone who allegedly threatened you with a gun.”

The source continues, “Everyone — especially production — was shocked that Kenya would do this in front of a room full of people.”

It’s no secret that Bravo/NBCUniversal has been under fire in recent months facing allegations of allowing misconduct. After Kenya’s stunt, she was suspended from further filming while production determined whether or not her actions were in violation of her contract.

As it turns out, production found that Kenya’s actions violated their “code of conduct” clause and ultimately decided she won’t be coming back.

“Bravo never accused Kenya of revenge porn. That was never what the investigation was about,” a third source close to production tells “It was about determining if Kenya’s actions involving sexually explicit images violated the code of conduct — and they did. She can point fingers all she wants, but she has nobody to blame but herself.”

While outside sources say Kenya’s considering legal actions, we’re told neither production nor the network are concerned because “no one decided to show those images but her.”

Production is now trying to figure out where to go and whether or not Kenya’s previously filmed scenes will be included in the season at all.

We’re told Kenya’s episodes leading up to the event could still air — but the event footage is more than likely to be scrapped.

There’s a lot of chatter around whether or not Kenya’s been “fired” — and she has. Her time with the network is done and the decision was made for her.

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