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Kim Kardashian SPLITS From Odell Beckham Jr Following Year-Long Romance

Kim Kardashian's relationship with Odell Beckham Jr is is understood to be over - a year after they were romantically linked.

Several media outlets have reported the news. They had dated for about 6 months and last reported to be “inseparable” at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party on Mar. 11, according to eyewitnesses. “There wasn’t a ton of PDA like some of the other couples, but there was a lot of touching, and they were right near each other the entire time. They were careful about not being too all over each other, but there was lots of chemistry, and they left together,” a source told People. But on Sunday, a source told the Daily Mail that the pair were “not seeing each other anymore right now,” prompting fans to wonder whether there might be hope for them in the distant future. A day earlier, their romance seemed headed in the opposite direction, with reports that Kardashian “loved” the idea of having a baby with Beckham Jr.

The reason for the split was unclear.

Did y'all really think this relationship, which they never really admitted to having was going to last?

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