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Kim & Kroy Call The Cops On Each Other, Kroy Barricades Himself In Bedroom With Kim's Medication

Updated: May 31, 2023

It's getting real messy over in the Biermann household. Kim Zolciak is accusing her estranged husband Kroy of locking her designer bags in a safe, and the couple even ended up calling the cops on each other.

The home life of ex-Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak and her estranged husband, Kroy Biermann, is becoming increasingly volatile, a police report exclusively obtained by showed.

On May 4, only two days after 911 were called to deal with a separate domestic dispute involving the parties, officers were back at the exes’ Georgia home over property Kim claimed Kroy took from her and locked away in a safe.

During questioning, Biermann admitted to responding police officers that he was allegedly attacked by the reality star – claiming he has an audio recording to prove it.

“Kroy then advised that Kim had punched him in the back of the head during an earlier altercation concerning the disputed property,” read a May 4, 2023 report by a Milton, Georgia police officer that arrived at the home.

Biermann told the officer he didn’t have any “visible injuries or evidence to prove that Kim had caused any injuries to him other than an audio recording of the incident,” the report stated.

As first reported, Biermann and Zolciak filed dueling divorce petitions on May 8 – both asking the court to award them primary custody of their 4 minor kids: Kroy, Kash, Kaia, and Kane – plus child and spousal support.

But as the bare-knuckle divorce brawl drags in court – the emotional couple are still living under the same hot tin roof where their children reside amid their parents’ meltdowns.

At one point during the May 4 incident involving a verbal dispute over marital property, the responding officers scolded the feuding pair, advising them to behave for the sake of their shell-shocked children watching the drama unfold.

“Several times during our encounter (the officers) employed Kroy and Kim to remain civil due to the presence of their four juvenile children,” the report stated.

The police responded to the home at 6:49 PM after Zolciak called 911 to report Biermann had locked her designer purse and jewelry – worth $175,000 – along with her passport in the home’s basement safe.

“Kim alleged that Kroy had taken the property that did not belong to him and was a premarital asset,” the report stated.

Biermann told the responding officer the items were “marital property” and accused Zolciak of having a “gambling problem” and losing “a large sum of the money recently.”

After some prodding, Biermann retrieved the items from the safe – but not before telling the reality star to leave the room because he didn’t want her to see where he had hidden the key.

As the officers were leaving, Zolciak was seen furiously loading a white Range Rover with her personal belongings, purses, glasses, handbags, and other items – in an apparent attempt to keep Biermann from seizing it. Zolciak even begged the officers to remain on the scene to prevent her ex from stopping her. In retaliation, the former NFL star whipped out his cell phone camera to record the event – presumably for divorce court.

“Kim and Kroy engaged in several verbal disagreements,” which included Biermann putting his attorney on speaker phone so that his estranged wife could hear the definition of marital property, the report states.

While preparing the five-page police report, Biermann called 911 at 10:42 PM to report that Zolciak was using his credit card – sparking another dispute over whether the card was marital property.

But the dust-up didn’t end there.

At 1:19 AM, Zolciak called 911 to report she returned to the house to retrieve medications from her bedroom, but Biermann had allegedly barricaded himself inside and was refusing to open the door. He told the officers he placed the medication in the hallway.

When Zolciak called the police – AGAIN – they suggested she call an ambulance to transport her to the hospital. She instead decided to sleep in another room.

As we first reported, the couple are battling it out in divorce court over custody of their 4 minor kids and support.

This is a whole entire mess, and I am #TeamKroy all the way on this impending drama. Go after Kim with everything you've got in your arsenal.

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