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Koonye And Adidas Have Reportedly Reached A New Agreement

Months after terminating Koonye West over his antisemitic comments, it looks like the fashion brand and the controversial rapper have reached a new agreement.

According to reports, adidas and Ye have reached a new agreement following the official termination of its partnership with YEEZY. Rumors circulating on the Internet and social media are now noting that the German sportswear brand has carved out a new deal with Ye to sell $500 million USD worth of its remaining YEEZY sneakers.

Back in October, Ye received heavy backlash after a series of anti-semitic comments, leading to Balenciaga parting ways with the controversial artist, the CAA talent agency dropping him, and G.O.O.D. Music no longer being signed to Def Jam. adidas also had to deal with its partnership as retailers started pulling YEEZY products, ultimately terminating its partnership with Ye that bolstered its business.

Reports of the new agreement between adidas and Ye come after news that adidas could lose up to $1.3 billion dollars in unsold YEEZY sneakers. Though word has surfaced that adidas planned to spend millions to continue using YEEZY designs with any branding after parting ways.

The new deal is now believed to see the sale of select non-branded YEEZY sneakers with no new designs to be produced. Stay tuned for more details as the story develops.

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