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Kris Avalon's Most Anticipated Films Of 2024

While 2023 was pretty weak on superhero films that I actually enjoyed (Guardians 3 and Blue Beetle were the only superhero films I really enjoyed), and there aren't that many superhero films coming out in 2024, I'm pretty excited for the plethora of action, sci-fi and horror movies that are coming out next year.

With that being said I've decided to post my top 20 most anticipated films that's scheduled to come out in 2024.

  1. Deadpool 3

  2. Dune: Part 2

  3. Terrifier 3

  4. Beetlejuice 2

  5. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

  6. A Quiet Place: Day One

  7. Furiosa

  8. Spider Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse

  9. Gladiator 2

  10. MaXXXine

  11. Alien: Romulus

  12. Nosferatu

  13. Wicked

  14. Lord of the Rings: The War of Rohirrim

  15. Back To Black

  16. Ballerina

  17. Twisters

  18. Borderlands

  19. Beverly Hills Cop: Alex F

  20. The Fall Guy

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