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Kroy Biermann Wants Half Of What Estranged Wife Kim Zolciak Makes From Selling Family's Designer Goods

Kroy Biermann has taken Kim Zolciak to task for selling her valuables to ease her spiraling financial woes - and not sharing the profits.

In court documents obtained Tuesday by Page Six, the retired NFL star said the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum “has and is in the process of selling some of the personal property” she acquired during their 11-year marriage, including “an expansive collection of designer purses, shoes and clothing, most of which has never been used and/or worn.”

Biermann, 38, claimed the goods are “worth hundreds of thousands of dollars” and added that “it is unknown what [Zolciak] has done with the funds she received from the sale of the items.”

“However, what is known is that none of the funds have been utilized to support the marital estate,” he went on, noting that he “is seeking an equitable division of marital assets,” including “the personal property acquired during the marriage but [is] currently in the sole possession of [Zolciak].”

Among the pair’s marital assets is their Milton, Ga., mansion, which Biermann explained “is weighed down by significant debt.”

The former athlete highlighted that the IRS has a $1.1 million dollar lien on the home, which is still up for sale after having “been set for foreclosure twice.”

“In addition, lawsuits have [been] filed against the parties by BMW, Chase Bank, Simmons Bank and Saks/Capital One,” Biermann said, describing the duo’s financial situation as “dire.”

He asked that “all marital property subject to equitable division be identified and then preserved” by the court.

The ex-Atlanta Falcons linebacker also shared some information about how he and the once-“Housewife,” 45, managed their money during their union.

He claimed that the income he earned as a professional football player, the paychecks Zolciak made from “RHOA” and what they each acquired while filming “Don’t Be Tardy” “were placed in various joint bank accounts.”

Biermann alleged that he and Zolciak — whom he has accused of financially devastating their family via an alleged gambling addiction — both “had full access to all the joint accounts,” adding that “purchases made by the parties, separately or jointly, were funded by assets in the joint accounts.”

He also claimed that “neither party maintained a separate account until the divorce filing,” though he did not specify which of the two petitions from 2023.

Biermann told the court he made $14 million during his time with the Falcons from 2008 to 2015 and that Zolciak earned approximately $3 million while filming “RHOA,” on which she appeared from 2008 to 2012.

He went on to claim that he made $20,000 per episode of “Don’t Be Tardy” while Zolciak earned $80,000 per episode of the family’s spinoff, which ran from 2012 to 2020.

Biermann and Zolciak wed in November 2011. They share six children.

A mess.

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