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Kroy Biermann Whines Kim Zolciak Left Him To Care For Kids, Says She's Using Divorce To Get On TV

Kim Zolciak's successor to Sweetie, who also moonlights as her husband Kroy Biermann is whining about how his reality star wife has left him to raise the kids, and has been abusive towards them.

The former NFL player filed new court documents Thursday in their restarted divorce proceedings requesting a court-appointed guardian for their four minor children — Kroy Jr., 12, Kash, 11, and twins Kaia and Kane, 9 — to start investigating the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum’s behavior.

Biermann claimed in his filing that while he “attempts to shield the children from the negative fall-out” of their divorce, Zolciak continues to direct “abusive, profane, and threat-laden language” at him with “little concern if the children are present.”

The former athlete also said he’s afraid of the Bravolebrity returning to the “Real Housewives” franchise, as she would use the show to “garner attention” by talking about their split, which would ultimately be detrimental to their “mental health.”

Biermann, 38, also claims Zolciak, 45, has spent “little time at home” since they separated and mostly leaves him to care for their children.

He alleges he’s “been picking up all the slack, cleaning the home, picking up after the children, and preparing their meals” since they’ve had to “fire the nannies, chefs and housekeepers” due to their severe financial issues.

The retired Atlanta Falcons player also described their split as “far from amicable” despite the “Don’t Be Tardy” alum claiming they’re “working on their marriage.”

Biermann previously made a request for a guardian for their kids in June when the former pair first kicked off divorce proceedings.

The ex-linebacker filed for divorce for a second time in August just six weeks after he and Zolciak reconciled. He’s requesting sole legal and physical custody of their four kids.

In light of their financial woes, Biermann ran to court to request that he be allowed to sell their $3 million marital estate in Georgia because he believed the sale could help cover the “significant debt” they have racked up during their marriage.

He also revealed that both he and Zolciak sold personal items, including designer duds, to make monthly mortgage payments to avoid a foreclosure auction on the house earlier this year.

At the time, his attorney pointed the finger at Zolciak, telling TMZ, “Mr. Biermann never imagined that he would find himself in this position, having a car repossessed.

“But this is the fallout when folks find themselves spending way beyond their means. Kroy retired and no longer receives that NFL salary. … I don’t think anyone told Kim.”

I swear Kim and Kroy work my root canal nerve. Kroy has benefited off of acting as Kim's gun-toting bodyguard, professional wig curler and driver for the 11 years they've been together. Why is he surprised that she's basically reduced him to nothing more than the family nanny?

Kim returning to RHOA to talk about your tired ass relationship won't be enough to save that tired franchise, and I'm sick of seeing Kroy's longhead, big booty ass on my feed. Unless he's planning to launch an Onlyfans where he's stretching out his hole for $20 a month, I could care less about these lame ass saltines.

Focus on how you're going to pay down them credit card bills, and prevent that Georgia mansion from going into permanent foreclosure.

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