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Kylie Minogue 'Is Offered a HUGE World First Deal After Her Successful Sold Out Las Vegas Residency'

Kylie Minogue has been invited to return to The Venetian in Las Vegas for a lifetime residency, according to reports.

via: The Sun

KYLIE Minogue is having what I think are two of the best years of her career after decades of grafting.

Her No. 1 album Tension, which spawned chart-topping comeback single Padam Padam and earned a Grammy, along with her hugely popular Las Vegas residency, have sparked a career resurgence most artists could only dream of.

Now she’s got the wind in her sails, Kylie has no plans to slow down. Which, as it turns out, could work in her favour after the boss of Sin City’s Voltaire nightclub got the vision of pound signs in his eyes.

I can reveal that the pint-sized Aussie has been such a hit at Michael Gruber’s establishment he has invited her to return to The Venetian for as long as she wants.

Insiders told me the deal on the table was, effectively, a “residency for life,” meaning Kylie could pop in and out when she pleases.

A source said: “Michael absolutely loves Kylie and doesn’t want to lose her. It is the first ‘residency for life’ where you come and go based on your schedule that has been put on the table in Vegas.

“Usually venues want to lock someone in for a fixed period or have exclusivity when it comes to live shows.

“But when it comes to Kylie, Michael knows he is on to something Golden and he’s put the offer on the table for Kylie to consider.”

The star’s scheduled run of shows in the US city are due to finish in May.

But my insider said she is seriously considering the bid and is looking at her diary.

The source added: “Kylie has loved Vegas but her schedule is jam packed over the next few months.

“She has a repackage of her album Tension coming out, which will include a string of new songs, as well as her headline gig at BST Hyde Park in July.

“Kylie also wants to go on a full arena tour at some point, so being locked in Vegas wouldn’t be an option.

“Michael knows this and has put the offer of the lifetime residency on the table so she can mull it over.”

Kylie has made no secret of how much she loved performing in Vegas.

She said of the city: “It’s insane. I always thought I would go to Vegas at some point but I thought I would go and do a massive show but it’s a really stunning intimate environment.

“Weirdly I’ve been putting more energy into this show than a big show. I am having a blast.”

I told earlier this month Brit Award bosses chose to hand her the Icon gong at next month’s ceremony.

We’ll be raising a glass to her on the night — and booking tickets to Vegas if she takes up the offer.

Normally I side-eye The Sun when it comes to their stories, but I actually believe this. Even though the mainstream US has slept on Kylie Minogue for the three decades plus she's been making music, Kylie is the quintessential pop star.

Her reach expands beyond being dance Kylie, since she crosses and has explored all genres of pop music.



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