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Kylie Minogue Gives Surprise Performance Of Padam Padam At Horse Meat Disco, Teases Vegas Residency

Kylie Minogue was a dashing lady in red as she arrived for a taping of Watch What Happens Live in New York City on Monday.

The Australian superstar, fresh off her performance at KTUtopia at Jones Beach on Saturday, has been wearing a lot of red lately, as she's currently promoting her summer anthem Padam Padam.

La Minogue, who will be a guest in the Clubhouse alongside out pop star Adam Lambert, and as previously reported, stated that she's open to collaborating with pop icon Madonna.

'She's going on tour. I don't have Madonna's number, but if I was in town and she was in town it would be amazing. The building would probably fall down. We'd need to send out warnings!' Minogue joked.

'But she has no idea we're even talking about this so, but I am asked about it a lot throughout my career. I was 16 dancing around my bedroom to Madonna! And I'm super excited about her tour. I have a couple of friends working on it. I need to get my ticket.'

Speaking of tickets, when apearing on Thursday's episode of the Today Show, Kylie teased the possibility of a Vegas residency, which has been rumored to be in the works for some time now.

“Look, there is a song on my album called ‘Vegas High,’ that’s all I’m saying.”

Seeing Kylie being heavily promoted in the US as of late has me thinking this theory that a Vegas residency is happening, which is why she's being going harder than usual to promote herself here.

She kicked off Pride weekend by giving the gays a surprise performance of Padam Padam at Horse Meat Disco on Friday.

The US music market has never given Kylie the respect that she's entitled to, but thanks to a new generation of music lovers and TikTok, the powers that be do not have control over what becomes popular and can gatekeep artists of a certain age from continuing to thrive in an induatry that fixates itself on ageism.

I think a Vegas residency would be the perfect way to properly introduce Kylie's musical and visual aesthetic to the world. Her concerts look like massive Vegas shows anyway, and while she already has the gays and international audiences on lock (who will definitely flock to Vegas to see her anyway), the newcomers who were introduced to her courtesy of Padam Padam might just be curious enough to purchase a ticket to see her once they check out her discography.

As a bonus I added her appearing on Andy Cohen's Sirius XM radio show where she impersonated AI singing Padam Padam.

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