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Larsa Pippen Attempts To Shade Tamron Hall Over Interview, Tamron Hall Reacts

Tamron Hall is addressing criticism from reality TV star and industry fame whore Larsa Pippen who didn't like Hall's line of questioning when Pippen appeared on The Tamron Hall show back in February.

“She was very negative and judgmental,” Pippen commented on The Shade Room’s Instagram post about Hall defending the February sit-down.

Pippen argued that Hall’s “tone and facial expressions” during their chat about the former’s relationship with Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan “indicated she never wanted to have a fair conversation.”

Signing off with her signature shade, the reality star added, “If she Wants to audition for housewives I know somebody.”

When Pippen stopped by “The Tamron Hall Show,” she was asked about the dynamics of her then-new romance with Marcus, 32.

At the time, the jewelry designer seemed annoyed that Hall harped on Marcus being 16 years her junior and pressed her about why she’d date him knowing that his father has beef with her ex-husband, Scottie Pippen.

Michael, 60, and Scottie, 57, famously played together for the Chicago Bulls in the ’80s and ’90s, but the retired basketball stars fell out following claims made by the former in ESPN’s 2020 docuseries “The Last Dance.”

In an interview with E! News earlier this week, Hall, 52, stood by her line of questioning, saying her job is to have “an authentic conversation” with her guest and “not waste the time of the people watching at home.”

“But the reality — and how I approach every interview — I want people to know that they’re in a safe space,” she said. “I want them to know that this is an authentic conversation, and my job is to not waste the time of the people watching at home.”

“I don’t want you at home to do my job,” she later added. “You’re already giving me your time. So for me, it’s always a respectful environment. I don’t benefit from an ambush interview.”

Hall then explained that, although guests know the topics of discussion ahead of the show, they don’t know the actual questions in order to protect the integrity of the interview. Pippen had pushed back about some of the questions at the time.

“If you know the questions, it’s not an interview — it’s a PR stunt,” she said.

She added, “Barbara Walters famously said she never wanted to leave an interview and have someone say, ‘You should’ve asked that.’”

Just as Hall felt justified in her inquiries, so did Larsa in dodging them.

At one point during the pair’s sit-down, the Bravolebrity said she didn’t “really want to talk about” her boyfriend’s family.

“I feel like it’s not about, you know, my parents or his parents — they’re all happy; our whole family’s fine,” Larsa said at the time.

She also argued that age doesn’t “determine” one’s “level of maturity,” pointing out, “I’ve dated guys that were a lot older than me. Scottie is 10 years older than me.”

I find it quite interesting that the ones shading Tamron Hall over her interviewing skills are known industry whores, like Larsa and former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Whorsha Williams.

Tamron is a journalist who's not paid to kiss your ass and throw soft balls at you during an interview. Her job is to ask the questions the people want to know.

If Larsa is going to do something messy like date the son of her ex-husband's enemy, we want to get to the bottom of the method behind your madness.

If you want fake industry people kissing your ass, go interview with some wet behind the ears blogger, or go have a seven minute sit down with E! News, Extra, Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight.

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