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LaTocha Scott Tries To Backtrack Claims She's In An Open Marriage

Former Xscape member turned heathen gospel singer LaTocha Scott is attempting to walk back comments she made recently on Instagram live, where she revealed she was in an open marriage.

During her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”, LaTocha denied that she and Rocky have an open marriage. The R&B singer agreed that the situation was “blown out of proportion.”

She explained that when she said she and Rocky have an “open relationship,” she meant that they “have open communication.” She went on to say, “He doesn’t have it that good. I was emotional that day.”

Fans, however, didn’t buy LaTocha’s words. “At your big age, you don’t know the difference an open relationship and open communication? Two very different statements,” one fan cast doubt in an Instagram comment. Another commented, “I mean that’s literally what you said no one blew it out of proportion.”

Another user questioned, “So why on the live she said that’s something that most people wouldn’t want to tell other people, like it’s something taboo or something. If she meant open line of communication, then what’s so embarrassing about that. It wouldn’t have even been a need to elaborate.” Similarly, one other added, “What she saying doesn’t even make sense why would ppl wanna keep the fact that they have ‘open communication’ private? Lol she tried to spin the narrative and now she back paddling… as always lol.”

LaTocha’s clarification arrived after she tearfully addressed the “allegations” that Rocky has fathered a baby with another woman on Instagram Live. Claiming that she’s “very much aware of the allegations” against him, LaTocha went on to admit that they “have an open relationship.”

“Some people keep the fact that they have an open relationship quiet. They want to keep it private, but we have that,” she continued. “And for us to be judged or whatever by the things that people are saying, y’all keep judging, y’all keep living. Y’all got marriages. Everybody ain’t gonna always be true. Things happen.”

I don't believe LaTocha is in an open marriage. I believe her husband Rocky aka bargain basement Ike Turner is in an open marriage, since I believe all the allegations that have come out recently regarding Rocky cheating on Tocha with multiple women and even has an alleged love child.

After saying she was in an open marriage, she stated under the same breath that a wife always knows what goes on in her marriage. Thats not the same as open communication.

I think the reason she's walking back her statement is because her mouthpiece that she calls a husband probably got on her for going live and spilling his tea.

After watching the full season of SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B and all the social media after shows via the women of Xscape, I believe nothing that comes out of LaTocha's brainwashed mouth.

So Tocha, you and your husband pay back Tamika her $30,000, and pay the rest of the ladies that kickback coin you were making under the table while trying to get all four ladies of Xscape to perform together.

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