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Lil Kim Was In Control Of Heavily Retouched Ebony Cover

Fans are calling out Lil Kim's Ebony magazine photo for being heavily edited to the point where the rap icon is unrecognizeable. Kim revealed on her IG stories that what we saw aren't the photos she approved of, but the photographer is calling cap.

The magazine’s photography director, Keith Major, addressed the heavily edited image Monday after fans questioned who took the viral snap.

“Man, she wanted to be in control of the retouching so this is what we got,” he wrote on Instagram.

Fans’ had been speculating that the “Lady Marmalade” rapper was in charge of approving the unrecognizable photo.

“I knew that Lil Kim Ebony cover was her doing and not the magazine,” wrote one fan.

“I literally said this cause if you go to her page it’s what she likes,” added another.

“Smh at folk blaming Ebony for those photos as if Lil Kim surely didn’t approve them,” tweeted a third person.

“Not them confirming Lil Kim was in control of the editing for that Ebony magazine cover,” wrote a fourth user.

As Page Six previously reported, fans were befuddled when Ebony released the cover earlier this month, which showed Kim, 49, sitting down while dressed in a pink silk gown.

“This retouch is so bad, I thought it was AI. Somebody pls tell me it is. QUICKLY,” tweeted one critic.

“Now Ebony knows they need their asses whooped. Why they got Kimberly looking like AI?” added another.

Update: Lil Kim is hitting back, placing the blame on Ebony.

She says via Instagram Stories that it was Ebony’s retoucher behind the “sabotage” and that she didn’t approve this cover.

See, this is y'all damn fault. Back when Kim spread her legs on the cover of Hard Core, the rap legend in my opinion looked good. I feel because she's been mentally and physically abused by so many men throughout her life, and called unattractive, her low self esteem had her getting multiple surgeries on her face and body.

Now because people were saying Kim would look better with European features, yall got Lil Kim out here looking like Lil Kim Jong Un.

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