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Lil Nas X And Zedd Hit With $1 Million Lawsuit Over Massive Party At Hollywood Hills Mansion

Lil Nas X and Zedd have been hit with a $1M lawsuit for throwing a party at a LA mansion back in April 2022.

Lil Nas X has been named in a hefty lawsuit over a house party he threw in Hollywood. Along with the “Old Town Road” singer is DJ Zedd, who allegedly brought his mixing skills to the party. The rager ended up hosting almost 1,000 guests despite clear lease rules against throwing big parties. Daniel Fitzgerald, the landlord who rented out the Hollywood Hills Mansion to Lil Nas X in 2022, is now suing both the rapper and DJ over property damages.

According to KTLA, Fitzgerald claimed to have made his no-party rule clear when the rapper initially signed the lease. Breaking the rules resulted in damages worth over $25,000, not to mention an additional $40,000 in extensive repairs. Needless to say, Fitzgerald is not happy with the choices of his tenant, and now suffers from the aftermath of the rager. Meanwhile, both Lil Nas X and Zedd allegedly were paid $250,000 each for throwing the party. Fitzgerald is also after the sponsors and promoters of the party and is pursuing $1 million in total compensation.

Lil Nas X is currently touring across North America and Europe for his ‘Long Live Montero’ tour. The set list includes some of his biggest hits including “Panini”, “Sun Goes Down”, and of course, “Old Town Road.” He’s also performing his newest single, “‘Star Walking’ (League of Legends World Anthem),” which is inspired by his League of Legends presidency. While it may seem unlikely that both Zedd and Lil Nas X would find themselves in this predicament, the duo shares a common love for video games. Plus, they both are extraordinarily talented top-charting artists with Grammys under their accolades.

Although neither of the defendants have made any comments on the lawsuit, it’s safe to assume that they are continuing on with life unfazed. Both Lil Nas X and Zedd will be performing in top festivals this year, and the German-Russian DJ has just sold his house for over $18 million. As for Fitzgerald, it’s unclear whether he will receive the entirety of his compensation. Fitzgerald owns several other properties in the area, so let’s just hope he has better tenants next time!

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