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Lil Nas X Mocks Fragile Right-Wing Backlash To Target Pride Collection

Last week, Target unleashed their line of Pride products which, of course caused a bunch of conservative snowflakes to throw a temper tantrum by damaging store property and even threatening Target workers.

via: Uproxx

Target is at the center (sorry) of a controversy over its Pride Month offerings, which it has started to recall after threats by right-wing protesters. But leave it to Lil Nas X to put things in perspective with a tongue-in-cheek tweet imitating the temper tantrum being thrown by MAGA loyalists.

“can’t believe target is supporting this nonsense,” he wrote. “im never shopping there again.”

But while the first part of his tweet satirized the faux-outrage at Target for carrying Pride-themed products ahead of Pride Month, the second part hammered home how silly those protesters really sound.

“my son is not ‘too cool for school,’” he jibed. “these shirts are ridiculous. he is going to school and he WILL learn.”

Of course, Lil Nas is the perfect spokesperson to undermine the anti-LGBTQ agenda, something he’s been doing almost since he worked his way into the limelight with “Old Town Road.” He’s been accused of faking being queer for album sales, prompting him to reverse-troll the critics commenting about him.

And he’s only doubled down since, collaborating with fellow queer rapper Saucy Santana to give those prudes something to really get mad about. He’s killing them with kindness — and some truly great jokes.

I don't care how many mannequins these bigots want to fight, queer people aren;t going anywhere.

And if corporations are going to pander to our community for our hard-earned dollars, and not stand in solidarity with us the moment things get rough, then we need to show them we will not be taken advantage of by not giving them our money.

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