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Luis Ruelas’ Ex-Fiancée Files Restraining Order Amid Claims He Hired PI to ‘Stalk’ Her

Luis Ruelas' ex-fiancee Vanessa Reiser has filed a restraining order against the reality star. Reiser — who is a licensed therapist specializing in narcissistic abuse — believes that one of her patients was hired in order to 'spy' on her.

Her attorney Douglas Anton exclusively spoke to Page Six and shared that the suspicious sessions began in February.

The woman allegedly visited Reiser about three or four times under a fake name and peculiarly asked about the therapist’s past relationship with Ruelas every time.

Some of the alleged unusual questions were “Do you still love Luis?,” “How was it with your abuser?” and “if [Ruelas] were to leave his wife [Teresa Giudice] and show any regret … would you want to be with him?,” according to Anton.

“It was weird that she kept asking all of this information that if Luis ever left his wife and he was unhappy, would she ever take him back,” the lawyer adds, noting that his client would allegedly “steer away from the subject and not so much talk about it.”

Although the questions seemed intrusive to Reiser, Anton claims they didn’t immediately set off alarms because her former relationship with Ruelas is well-documented online.

Page Six exclusively reported in April 2021 that the therapist, who dated the NJ-based businessman from 2018 to 2020, once accused him in a lawsuit of “punishing” her if she did not meet his sexual demands, along with other egregious claims.

However, Reiser decided to take legal action against her dubious patient when one of the prepaid cards that she submitted for payment did not go through.

After trying to collect the funds for 30 days to no avail, she hired Anton to file a collections request.

The NJ-based lawyer tells Page Six it was at this point that he and his team learned that the woman was allegedly not a real patient after all – and had been using a fake name during her sessions.

Anton says his “brilliant” staff tracked down the woman’s real name via an address she gave, which allegedly linked her to a list of employees for private investigator Bo Dietl.

Dietl’s name has come up in the recent season of “RHONJ” because Ruelas claimed the PI is one of his “best friends” and allegedly brought him “information” on the cast.

However, Dietl then publicly denied that he was hired to investigate any of the “Housewives.”

When reached by Page Six, the Beau Dietl & Associates CEO again reiterated he has never looked into any of the Bravolebrities but declined to confirm or deny allegations pertaining to Reiser.

“We were never hired by Luis Ruelas to do any backgrounds on any cast members from the ‘Housewives of New Jersey,” the retired NYPD detective tells us.

“As far as whether he hired us for potential private investigations, that’s confidentiality [sic].”

Dietl adds of his firm, “We’ve been in business 38 years, we’re a very professional private investigating company and everything we do is through the laws and everything we do is above any kind of negativity.”

However, a source confirms to Page Six that Ruelas hired the PI to “protect” him and his family – but did not disclose exact details about the investigations.

“Bo Dietl’s company was hired to protect Mr. Ruelas and his family, which now includes a total of six children, from individuals who posed a threat to their well-being,” the insider says.

“There have been death threats and other threats that have been made that warranted Mr. Ruelas seeking protection. Bo has been a tremendous blessing in the lives of Mr. Ruelas and his family.”

Anton tells Page Six that he doesn’t have any “proof” that Ruelas hired Dietl – and therefore his employee – to “stalk” Reiser but said they hope the reality star will address the allegations at an upcoming hearing for their restraining order.

“Right now [Reiser is] concerned that it was [Ruelas behind the woman’s visits] – and again I’m going by the questions – he is unhappy in his current situation and wanted to see if Vanessa would ever pay him the time of day,” her lawyer says.

“Because that seemed to be the way the questions were going.”

However, a source questions the therapist’s motives, citing her history of filing restraining orders against her exes, including Ruelas and an ex-husband. Page Six has reviewed copies of those documents and was told all were “mutually dismissed.”

“This is a woman who has a well-documented history of harassing and disparaging individuals with whom she was previously in relationships with,” the insider adds.

“What she continues to do with Louie, she did with her ex-husband, and that is well documented in existing court orders. This restraining order follows that exact same pattern.”

Anton says he and Reiser don’t want to make a “mountain out of a molehill” and are not looking to file any criminal charges against Giudice’s husband. They simply want a reason for why he allegedly hired the PI and for them to peacefully part ways.

Anton says of Reiser, “She has been exceedingly happy living her life. She has a wonderful gentleman in her life and everything is going well. Her practice is going well. Her move to Jersey is just a wonderful thing and she didn’t want this at all.”

Anton says Reiser has simply “used the court to protect herself” just as Ruelas has done. “She has always properly used the judicial system to protect herself,” he adds.

The celebrity attorney, who has represented the likes of R. Kelly and Sammy “The Bull Gravano,” then slammed the source who called out Reiser.

“We have no reason to believe that this anonymous source is anything but a liar as [they] clearly knows nothing about the verified horrific facts and allegations contained in the requests for restraints that Ms. Reiser has had to file in the past just so that she and her family could feel safe,” Anton says.

The source also questioned why Reiser via her attorney would speak publicly about the allegations against Ruelas, claiming it does not follow the modus operandi of a victim.

“Victims of domestic violence apply for restraining orders because they fear for their safety,” the insider says.

“In this case, she was so afraid that she called a well known podcaster who covers ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ to tip them off as to what she was doing. The only thing she is afraid of is not getting more attention.”

Anton replies, “That’s the last thing Vanessa wanted to do. Vanessa did not invite Bo Dietl’s investigator into her office. She chooses to lead a very private and professional life.”

Ruelas’ attorney, Christopher A. Errante, denied the implications made about his client in Reiser’s restraining order.

He tells Page Six exclusively, “The New Jersey anti-domestic violence statute is meant to serve as a shield, not a sword, which is taking place now. We categorically deny all of the allegations and are looking forward to being vindicated in court.”

Ruelas has been married to Giudice, 51, since August 2022.

The “RHONJ” star’s attorney, James Leonard Jr., tells us exclusively, “Teresa’s primary concern in life is the safety and sanctity of her family.

Leonard adds, “She has an amazing relationship with Louie’s ex-wife, who is the mother of his children, just like Joe Giudice and Louie have an amazing relationship. That tells you everything you need to know.”

He concludes, “Ex-wives and ex-husbands matter, ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends stop mattering in high school.”

Teresa truly knows how to pick 'em. Luis is unpredictable on RHONJ, and if we didn't see his flip flopping behavior play out in the two seasons on the show, I wouldn't think he would do such a thing.

However, I have heard how Luis has a tendency of being controlling and manipulative of the women he gets into relationships with.

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