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Lukas Gage Opens Up About Short Manic Marriage To Chris Appleton & Addresses Cheating Rumors

On March 19, Lukas Gage appeared on Watch What Happens Live to promote his new film Road House (which also stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor), and spilled some pretty juicy tea when asked about his six-month marriage to Chris Appleton after only dating for 60 days.

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Gage opened up to host Andy Cohen about the "manic episode" he was experiencing when he tied the knot and alluded to signing an NDA, US Weekly reports.

"Manic, absolutely manic," the 28-year-old actor said. "Those jackets, those furry jackets," he continued, in reference to the former couple's wedding attire.

Cohen then reminded the audience that the pair wore fur coats when they wed in a ceremony officiated by Kim Kardashian — Appleton's longtime client and friend.

"What happened to me?" Gage asked. "I don't know, literally what went through my head, but we live and we learn."

Gage and Appleton started a flurry of speculation about their romance at the beginning of last year before getting hitched in April 2023. Their wedding was held at a chapel in Las Vegas, and Shania Twain sang her hit love song "You're Still the One" during the ceremony.

Just a few months later, on November 10, 2023, Appleton filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences" just days after their wedding aired on The Kardashians.

Although rumors of infidelity spread after their divorce was announced, Gage assured the Bravo host that "no cheating" occurred but then alluded to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

"There's a three-letter thing that I signed. … I plead the fifth."

The White Lotus actor explained that the real reason the marriage ended was due to his impulsive nature and "mania."

"That's kind of how I roll, I'm a little impulsive, you know me," he said. "But that was probably one of the most unhinged things I've ever done in my entire life, and I'll probably have six other marriages."

While Gage may not be able to speak freely about the couple’s breakup, he didn’t hold back on Appleton’s hair skills.

During the after show, Cohen asked if Appleton dyed his hair during their marriage.

“I will just say, while that was happening, I’ve never had my hair look like that before,” Gage said.

When Cohen asked if he meant it’s never looked better, Gage clarified. “No. Never looked worse.”


Recently, both Appleton and Gage have ignited rumors that they are boo'd up again with new men. Earlier this week, Appleton sparked speculation when he was seen on a beach date with art dealer Frederico Castro Debernardi.

Gage also caused a stir earlier this month when he jokingly introduced Saltburn's Archie Madekwe as his "new husband" but then said to TMZ, "No, we're not married. We are friends." Adding that "Archie's the best."

While he may not be seeing Madekwe, the actor told Cohen that he's on the dating apps but that "it's not going well."

"It's horrible. I'm dating myself right now," Gage said.

While their relationship is “very new,” a source told US Weekly that Appleton is “extremely happy with where he is at right now.”

Meanwhile, Gage is laying low and not looking to jump into anything for the time being.

“I took a break from [dating apps],” Gage told TMZ last month. “They’re not for me right now. Right now, I’m finding myself. I’m dating me.”

Like a wise famous drag queen once said, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

In lieu of romance, Gage has been keeping busy promoting his new film Road House alongside muscle king Jake Gyllenhaal.

The remake of the 1989 Patrick Swayze cult hit starts streaming March 21st on Amazon Prime.

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