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Luke Evans Reveals If The World Is Ready For a Gay James Bond

Actor Luke Evans, who has appeared in countless movies and TV shows recently spoke to Bustle magazine to promote his latest role in Disney's live action Pinocchio film.

The actor, who is openly gay was asked a few questions regarding his sexuality, which prompted the interviewer to ask Evans if he thought audiences were ready for a gay James Bond.

“I don’t know what the current temperature is with audiences, whether they care enough to worry about what James Bond does in the bedroom,” he replied carefully. “I don’t think it really matters at all to the character if I’m really honest.”

Next up for Luke is a lead role in the upcoming action-packed TV series Echo 3, where he trained with real life Navy Seals. He will also star opposite Billy Porter in Our Son, where they play a divorced couple engaged in a nasty custody battle.

I don't think it will matter to the current generation, who were raised on Drag Race and seeing more queer characters on TV then when I was growing up.

However those snowflakes who have a problem seeing strong female characters or a character's race or sexual orientation changed (something we've seen via Rings of Power, Game of Thrones, etc) will waste no problem slewing their vitriol on social media.

I personally don't want a gay James Bond. Let them people have their stuff. What I would love to see is a really cool spy film with lots of action, a fierce villain and a Bond-like lead character who happens to be gay and unapologetic about it.

Let's not change the sexual orientation of a pre-existing IP, even though in the Daniel Craig films it was alluded to that his Bond may have been bisexual. At this day and age I'm sick of implications regarding to sexual orientation. But, if you want to hire an openly gay actor to play James Bond I would be down for that.

We are in a time where diversity matters, and I think it's time that Hollywood start to give a face to non-stereotypical queer characters. Don't worry about what the snowflakes may think.

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