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Lynne Spears Reportedly Begging Britney To Rekindle Relationship With Sister Jamie Lynn

Now that Lynne Spears has rekindled some sort of a relationship with her daughter Britney, word on the street is that she's begging the pop star to reconcile with her estranged sister Jamie Lynn.

In late May, the 41-year-old pop star allowed her estranged mother to make the flight from Louisiana to Los Angeles and meet Britney inside her home. It’s unknown what the two discussed, but it seems that the meeting went well.

Now, it seems Lynne is trying to reunite the family and encouraged the “Hold Me Closer” singer to get back on good terms with her sister, Jamie Lynn.

On Monday, the Daily Mail released a new report alleging that Lynne Spears “will not rest” until Britney and her sister have made amends. “Lynne is begging Britney to make amends with her sister Jamie Lynn now,” the insider revealed. “They are both leaning towards a yes. Lynne knows that Britney does miss her sister and she told her that the feeling is obviously mutual.”

However, the source added that it is going to take a while for Britney to come around to the idea of making amends with her sister. They alleged that the 32-year-old “Zoey 101” star is also going to need to apologize to her older sister if she wants to clear the air.

“Britney still feels that Jamie Lynn is the one who messed up and, if they are going to meet, she would need to come to her and not vise versa,” the insider continued, adding, “Lynne is figuring out now how to make this happen, but she is not going to rest until everything is perfect again.”

In late May, Lynne Spears made the trip to Louisiana to California to visit Britney inside her home. Britney did not invite most of her family to her June 2022 wedding to Iranian actor Sam Asghari, so this is the first time that Lynne visited the couple as husband and wife. It seems that the meeting went better than expected, as sources told the outlet that the two “have been in constant communication ever since.”

“Lynne knows that it still will take time to get back on the same page and fall into all the right places their relationship needs to be,” the source dished. “But she loves Britney more than anything and clearing up the wounds of the past is something she has strived to achieve for a long time.”

“Lynne also understands that there is more of a process to go through, but she is showing 100 percent effort to make sure that her own relationship with Britney continues to strengthen,” they continued. “With all of the drama that they have dealt with in the last couple of years with each other, Lynne’s recent meeting with Britney was a promising step in the right direction for better days ahead.”

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