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Madonna Has Boxer Boyfriend Josh Popper Sign NDA So He Won't Spill Bedroom Secrets To The Press

Rumors are swirling that Madonna, who has been dating her 29-year-old boxer boyfriend Josh Popper since February is taking extra precautions as to not have her bedroom secrets spilling over into the press.

Madonna has forced her new 29-year-old boy toy boxer, Josh Popper, to sign a non-disclosure agreement preventing him from spilling any bedroom secrets, has learned.

Sources say the 64-year-old singer decided to not move forward with the romance until Josh agreed to her terms. “The number one rule of dating Madonna is you don’t talk about Madonna,” said a source. “No one is more controlling of her image than she is.”

The insider said, “Everyone who works on her upcoming tour had to sign an NDA before they could even audition — and the same applies to boyfriends. Before they even know if they’re dating her, her lawyer is on the phone!”

Back in March, Madonna and Josh went Instagram official with a steamy kissing photos. Before the post, the pop star was seen sitting ringside for his fight at Manhattan’s Classic Car Club.

The romance came weeks after Madonna’s relationship with 23-year-old model Andrew Darnell fizzled out. Before she hooked up with Darnell, the singer was in a long-term romance with her 28-year-old backup dancer Ahlamalik Williams.

In April 2022, sources told The Sun that following her breakup with Williams, “Madonna has thrown herself into a busy social life and has been seeing her friends and family after the split.”

The source added, “She has a packed schedule, working on her upcoming biopic, new music and looking after her family.”

Another insider claimed the two were “still on good terms and there are no hard feelings, but they are at different places with their lives.”

“With them both working on other things, it was hard to keep their romance alight,” the source said.

As, on top of her new relationship, sources claim there is hope her biopic starring Julia Garner will be revived after being scrapped.

“This project means the world to Madonna,” an insider previously said. “Her opinion is that if it’s to be a success, then Julia needs to slip into her mindset and live and breathe everything she does. It’s the ultimate Method acting challenge.”

I don't know if this story is entirely true, but If I were someone of Madonna's caliber everyone I hunch is signing an NDA. From the videos I've seen of Madonna in her IG stories I believe she's incorporated Josh into her upcoming tour, and since we are in a society where nothing is private, NDA's are crucial in my opinion.

As for the biopic, rumors are swirling that Warner Bros will produce the film after plans with Universal fell through.

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