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Madonna Invites RuPaul's Drag Race Season 16 Queen Plane Jane Onstage During Celebration Tour Performance

A week after I covered a story about Bob the Drag Queen and Plane Jane beefing online over Bob's thoughts regarding Burger Finger, Bob's boss Madonna invited the Boston queen onstage as a special guest during the vogue segment of The Celebration Tour.

via: Pride

In a series of posts shared via Instagram story, Plane is seen onstage at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, followed by an out-of-drag selfie with the caption, “That sh*t was wild.”

First of all, we can’t even imagine how wild it would actually be to get up on stage with Madonna when you’re so new to being a celebrity in the first place.

Secondly, we love that Madonna chose Plane Jane to join her on stage, especially at a time when hatred against the drag community is still rampant and unnecessary. She’s proven herself supportive of the community and her fellow artists so many times that it’s hard to keep up with everything. However, choices like these solidify her even further as the Queen of Pop.

As for Plane Jane, she’s currently crushing on the 16th season of Drag Race and establishing herself as a competitive — and often shady — contestant who tells it like it is. She’s a certified reality TV star who isn’t afraid to look stupid or be bold, which is probably at least part of the reason Madonna feels so attracted to her.

Madonna is also holding her own on the tour, seeing as how she’s now well over halfway through it after a health scare almost prevented her from having it in the first place.

I should point out that Plane Jane isn't the first season 16 queen Madonna has invited onstage as her special guest. The queen of pop invited Sapphira Cristál onstage during the Toronto stop of the Celebration Tour.

I'm sure this was an idea concocted by Bob, because since reporting on this story it has garnered over 44k views on TikTok.

While Madonna bringing PJ on stage gives us something to talk about, and Plane Jane gets some attention from this, I still feel that while PJ has found a way to manipulate the judges into liking her, and she's found a way to pull more screen time for herself by playing up the villain role, at the end of the day it all comes across as disingenuous.

Now is there a way we can get Madonna to be a celebrity gurst judge on season 17 of Drag Race?

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