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Madonna's Longtime Producer William Orbit Opens Up About Their Split After MDNA

Before working with one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, William Orbit was known in the underground dance music community for bringing a techno-classical musical style to his body of work.

Which is probably what drew him to Madonna. Their coupling was so iconic after working on Ray of Light (an album that swept the Grammys the following year) that they would collaborate once again on albums Music and MDNA.

William recently opened up to The Mirror about his past drug addiction, and high expectations from the singer may have played a part in their falling out.

She dives into everything with such gusto … I was drinking too much and I said stupid things. I don’t know where we stand.

Her sister Melanie, who I adore, told me: “If you know anything about M, she doesn’t have a sense of sentimentality. Nobody hears from her for yonks. Family members don’t hear for yonks. Then, of course, she wants something from you or she’s working with you, you’re hearing from her every 10 minutes.”

She’s not really somebody that looks back. I could get a call tomorrow, you know?

I might just say, “Do you know what, M? You’re quite stressful. I mean that with kindness and respect.

But you don’t half push. You’re really funny to work with. You have a good laugh. I like your expeditiousness. But it would seem that I’m never doing it fast enough for you. If I were to work for you, could you cut me an inch of slack?"

I will admit that as a huge Madonna fan MDNA was not one of my favorite albums from her. However most of the cuts mentioned in the EPK (below) except for Give Me All Your Luvin' are cuts from the album that I adore.

I always love reading about, listening to or watching videos from producers who talk about the creative process with other artists regarding the work they collaborate on.

You can read the full article from The Mirror, where he opens up about not getting the call back to work on her hit remix album Finally Enough Love, as well as his collaborations with Björk, Robbie Williams, and deejaying for The Queen here.

Check out the MDNA Electronic Press Kit below...

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