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Madonna Still Weak And Tired As Celebration Tour's Future Hangs In The Balance

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Madonna is supposed to launch her highly anticipated Celebration tour in 10 days, but we have yet to hear from the queen of pop's camp if the tour is even happening as scheduled or if shows will be postponed at a later date.

via: Page Six

The “Vogue” hitmaker has been feeling “weak and very tired” as she spends most of her time in bed fighting a severe bacterial infection, a source told TMZ Wednesday.

As Page Six exclusively reported last week, the pop icon, 64, was rushed to the hospital in New York City after being found unresponsive.

She needed to be intubated for at least one night before having the tube removed.

The Grammy winner’s Celebration tour has since been postponed due to the medical emergency.

The show had originally been scheduled to kick off July 15 in Vancouver.

A source close to the tour production previously told Page Six that the singer had been “strenuously rehearsing” for up to 12 hours to prepare for the global trek.

A separate source said that the “Material Girl” songstress was “constantly pushing herself” to keep up with her younger dancers.

“While she is as good as the people she is working with, many of them are a fraction of her age and without her history of injuries,” one her friends told Page Six.

“Of course, there are other acts older than her still on the road, but they aren’t dancing and performing like she does.”

Comedian Rosie O’Donnell previously shared an update on the Queen of Pop’s recovery after posting a throwback photo from the set of their 1992 film “A League of Their Own.”

“Remember when? #league #mo,” the comedian captioned the snap of herself and Madonna.

Fans were quick to chime in with questions about the performer’s health, to which the “Now and Then” star responded, “She is recovering at home — she is very strong in general.”

The “Evita” actress has yet to address her hospitalization. Her last Instagram post from June 20 included a series of photos from her tour rehearsals.

“The Calm Before The Storm,” she wrote in the caption.

Madonna was last seen in public on Mother’s Day while having dinner in New York City with her six kids.

I've been hearing so many conflicting reports, most recently that she's been spotted back rehearsing at Nassau Colisseum. I also heard reports that when she was found unresponsive, she had to be revived with a Narcan injection.

Outlets are saying that that Narcan was used to combat septic shock — not drug use, but according to RadarOnline Madonna has a pill addiction, and has been downing a deadly mix of booze and opiods which she was prescribed around the time she got knee surgery.

Madonna or her team need to let the fans know what's going on because people have bought not only tickets to her show, but plane tickets and hotel rooms as well.

If you need to postpone the tour just so you can get better, or even cancel some shows (80+ dates is a lot especially the types of shows she puts on) do what you need to do. Even though I do have tickets to the NY show in August, your life and health is more important than killing yourself doing a tour.

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